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Best Online Casinos in Canada

Welcome to CasinoBernie! Finding some of the very best online casinos all on your own can be quite time-consuming, that’s why I, Bernie, have compiled a list of some of the very best online casinos in Canada. Not only are all of the mentioned online casinos completely legitimate, they have also all been personally tested by me. Below you will find the casinos and their not to be missed newcomer rewards and other pieces of wisdom for the would-be casino player.

Best Casinos Top Chart

The following are the highest ranked online casinos that are fully accessible to Canadian citizens, there are numerous criterium from whether they have adequate support to the availability of a good number of different games for players. Read more

How Do I Choose My Casinos?

Blackjack casinobernieThere are numerous criterium that must be fulfilled in order for an online casino to appear on my list, one of the most important is that the online casino must be credible in the eyes of a regulator. This would entail the online casino being registered with the relevant authority, which includes the Kahnawake Gaming Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Another important factor is to ensure that the policies established by the online casino are both fair and comprehensive. In addition, it is important to ensure that all of the online casinos have a vast assortment of games across a variety of interests.

Moreover, it is also extremely important that the online casino has an established and well-informed customer support line able to solve problems. Many of the online casinos, in addition to providing a toll-free number and email communication, have also established live chat on their platforms as well. Furthermore, I have also considered the availability of internal community contests and competitions for players to rank themselves upon, or even to win major prizes. Some other items that are factored in is the number of days that it takes for winnings to be paid into your account and whether or not new players receive a first-time bonus or any other bonuses thereafter.

What To Look For In A Casino?

The type of casino that best caters to you will be determined based on your particular interests, whether that is sports betting, a live casino experience, slots or the ability to play for a $5 million grand prize, there is something for everyone. If you are eager to do your own internal investigations for a good online casino, then be certain to check that it does belong to a credible licensing authority and that it does have legitimate terms and conditions.

Another important thing to consider will be what forms of payment does the online casino offer, for example some online casinos do not accept PayPal and others are wary of certain forms of cryptocurrency. Although, many online casinos do accept VISA, Mastercard and online EFTS. In addition, if at all possible do check customer reviews and see what current or previous consumers have to say about the online casino’s pay-out day number, customer service and general experience, as this is crucial information.

Best Casino Bonusses

Bonuses have become somewhat of a standard in the world of online casinos when it comes to securing new players, however there are other forms of bonuses but all bonuses are always subject to terms and conditions. One great example of a bonus offer affected by terms and conditions is my top ranked option Spin Casino, which has a bonus offer that promises several bonuses spread out over the course of a year. This could potentially offer users $1 000 completely free, however, the terms and conditions affect users as it is mainly users who play slots who receive the extensive repeated bonuses.

online slots casinobernie

Best Free Spins

Free spins are variable in nature, it must be iterated that although free spins may be advertised they may only be available if certain factors are achieved so the terms and conditions must be read. In addition, it is important to note that free spins can be extrapolated through the effect of rollover, which means that the amount of bonus is multiplied by the amount of the rollover to achieve your number of free spins.

Best Casino Games

There are many different types of casino games on offer, from blackjack to slots, some of the bigger slot game creators in Canada include Play’n Go, Microgaming and Playtech.

The Best Casinos Have A Proper License

Having a credible license is essential for so many reasons, the most notable is that it is a legal requirement to procure the correct government and commercial licenses before trading. It is essential on the part of casino players that before we begin playing on a new platform that we verify that all of their documentation is legitimate, so that we can ensure that we are supporting legitimate businesses.

Find Your Favourite Casino Today!

I hope that you found this article helpful and that it provided some worthwhile tips on how to go about finding a legitimate and safe online casino. Therefore, what are you waiting for, go out and find the best online casinos today!

How do I know if a casino is licensed?

The online casino will usually list it either on the homepage of the website or on their about page.

If I need help while using an online casino where do I go?

Contact the specific online casino’s customer support center, there will usually be a toll free number and email address provided.

Are credit cards accepted payment options?

You would need to check that with the specific online casino, but most accept VISA and Mastercard.

Can I play the online casino games on my mobile?

This would need to be checked with your specific online casino, but most are fully operational on a wide range of devices, including mobile.

Are online casinos safe?

If they are operating with a license from a regulatory authority, then yes, they are perfectly safe online gambling platforms.

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