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Ah, the lottery! It’s one of the eldest forms of gambling and definitely one of coziest, as well! Lotto is pretty easy to understand, but there’re a couple things you must learn. Learn more about Lotto here!


Lotto is probably the most beloved gambling games out there, and also one the eldest. However, the odds of winning are extremely low and you should not expect to collect any major wins.

The chance of winning the Euro jackpot is approximately 1 in 95 million! A German statistics professor made an obscure example to show how unfathomably small your chances of winning are:

  • Imagine a high-speed train passing about 95 million 10-liter buckets standing next to the railway tracks.
  • The buckets stand directly next to each other and are about 30 cm in diameter. That’s 28.000km of buckets!
  • The train travels 150 km/h and to travel past all the buckets would take about 8 days. At some point during this period you have to throw out a stone and hit exactly the right bucket!


So, it is not easy to win the big jackpot at all, or even win a small prize! The average player will only win 40% per lottery ticket!

That means, that for every 100 dollars you spend on the lottery, you will only get 40 dollars back. If you’re lucky!

Compared to other casino games, it is very bad. Black Jacks pays back over 99% and even slot machines will pay out more.


It doesn’t really matter which numbers you play, since they all share the same odds. Some people choose their own birthday while other people just go through the numbers systematically. You can go at it any way you want.

Some lotteries offer a system where you automatically go through all the numbers. However, it will never increase your chances of winning.

Whether you believe in luck or a systematic approach, the chances of winning are the same. So, just follow your instincts and enjoy the game. Besides, you gotta play to win.


You are properly looking for the best odds and methods to win the big prize. But to be fair, lotto is so random that you’ll never be able to increase your chance of winning.

You could buy more lottery tickets – or throw more stones out of the train if we want to stick to the example from earlier. Just remember, that the chances are the same for each ticket – you’re just buying extra chances.

There is, however, a rather strange way of optimizing your potential winnings.

You could choose 6 numbers in a row, or any other combination that no other would choose. This way, you could potentially keep the prize for yourself! If you’re lucky enough to win it!


The house always wins. That is a fact, and it is no different when it comes to lotto. Except that your chance of winning is much smaller than any other casino game. If you are really looking to win some cash, you should check out my list of casinos and try them out.


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