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Online Roulette

The beauty of roulette is in its simplicity. There’s some excellent thrill that comes with watching the spinning black and red roulette wheel, and this has long been a grip for many avid players around the globe for years now. You’d appreciate that roulette is a game adored by the world’s top rollers, but also far less seasoned gamblers too. The catch, however, is that the game plays down to placing the correct bet, and that’s the significant part about being a successful online roulette player. Good practice is to start with free roulette as you advance to become a pro player and join the big league.

The history of roulette dates back to the 17th-century when Blaise Pascal, instead of inventing the perpetual machine, ended up creating the game as we know it today. You’d appreciate other forms of roulette in games like Hoca and Biribi – both French games. Since then, it has undergone several changes to the nowadays iconic black and red spaces that define the game. Read more

Online Roulette Sites in Canada

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How to Play Online Roulette

Before you start popping champagne bottles in premature celebration of your first spin at the free online roulette table, first, get acquainted with how to play roulette. This applies to both the online platforms and real playing, for regardless, the rules of playing roulette remain unchanged. Nonetheless, when it comes to real-life roulette casino, as a player, you ought to observe etiquette.

Pro tip: Confidence is vital and shouldn’t at any point be underrated.

What are the roulette odds? You don’t have to be a mathematician, but it would be better if you memorize the odds for different bets. It’s, however, unlikely that the dealer will underpay you. Bernie recommends that you familiarize yourself with the odds. With such, you stand a better chance to calculate possible returns and maybe revise your roulette strategy accordingly.

Moving forward, know the difference between a corner and straight-up bet, a six-line or street. These are some of the basic roulette terms, and be sure there’s plenty more. Master the jargon and bets available – this should assist a player in calculating their approaches to the game and making the chips go further.

Sadly, at the roulette table, you can’t determine the number the ball will land on. However, you can determine the winning amount once the bet comes in. This is where the roulette strategy comes in handy. One is to approach the game with a plan, and this can either be simple or surprisingly complex. This will assist you in making the most of your money. You can choose to play depending on the level of profit you’re seeking and the risks involved. There’s the Martingale, James Bond, Paroli, D’Alembert, and Fibonacci strategy – you can pick from any of these!

Start by Placing Your Bets on the Roulette Table

The table is marked with all numbers and their corresponding matching colors on the wheel. Each wheel is composed of ranging from 0 or 00-36. One is free to place a bet on either.

Press Spin and Give the Croupier the Go-Ahead

The croupier will spin the hypnotic roulette wheel.


The roulette payout goes according to the table. Good practice is to bet on black or red as it increases your winning chances.

Online Roulette Bonuses

Online casinos have bonuses for new players, meaning that when you open an account, you enjoy a welcome bonus. These offers come in fixed, pleasant, and reload roulette bonuses. The offers vary on different casino sites, so be smart when picking. Ideally, you’re expected to deposit money into your account before getting the sign-up bonus. This is the prerequisite before opting into the welcome package. However, in some sites, you’ll find the no deposit bonus which most players run for.

Look out for the terms and conditions like the wagering requirements that are there to prevent abuse of bonuses. You’d find some casinos with such terms like you have to play a given amount with real cash before you’re allowed to cash out after claiming a bonus.


Good practice is to bet on black or red as it increases your winning chances. The rewards work like this: The roulette odds are stated in the form of x to 1; in simpler terms, one wins x dollars for every dollar you’ve bet. Remember, you get your money back plus the amount you win.


The crux of online roulette safety is playing at regulated sites with watertight security. To achieve this, play at licensed roulette online casinos only.

Find Your Favorite Online Roulette Site Today!

There’s always an online roulette casino that you’ve not heard about and which offers the best terms and conditions with a cutting edge user interface. Use Bernie’s list of top-rated online roulette casinos and find your favorite site today. Good luck!

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