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Online slots

Online slots give you the chance to play traditional casino games from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you have an Internet connection. Using a random number generator, online casino platforms deliver an online slots experience comparable to what you’re used to in a traditional casino environment.

With huge variations in the online slots gaming environment, it has become an immersive experience with competing casinos creating whole new games and platforms for you to enjoy.
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Here at CasinoBernie, we aim to assist you in navigating the world of online casino games, as well as offering you tips on how to make the most of these fantastic online casino classics.

Top Online Slots from Reputable Casinos

Online Slots

Online slots don’t always cost you money. Users who play online slots on a somewhat regular basis, or at least more than once a year, will tend to find making deposits are the best way to enjoy the game. However, it is also entirely possible to have a full online casino experience, complete with slot games, without putting down any deposit at all.

When you first sign up to a casino, you will be presented with a welcome, no deposit bonus or a chance to play the slots for free. This is not just a way to encourage you to join; it also allows you to enjoy test runs of the new casino platform without putting down any of your own money. You’ll even be in with a shot of winning real money – just be sure you are always familiar with the wagering requirements.

Can you beat the slots?

As previously mentioned, online slots are powered by a random number generator. That means every time you click the spin button, random numbers are generated by a computer system. The symbols that appear on your slot machine will be connected to the numbers chosen, meaning every single spin you make is entirely random. It is impossible to predict how these online slots will turn out.

Sure, it might seem disappointing that there isn’t a sure-fire way to beat the system, but it’s actually good news for gamers. When a slot machine is based on a random number generator, you can rest assured that you’re not being cheated out of your money. At CasinoBernie, we connect you with the most reputable and trusted casino platforms around, meaning you can enjoy your favourite slots knowing that the system is completely random and 100% fair.

4 tips for maximising your winnings

You may not be able to beat the slot online, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any tips and tricks to help you maximise your winnings. In fact, there are various things you can do as a player when using slot machine games to give yourself the best chance at winning, and to ensure you’re playing the games with the biggest possible pay-outs.

Take a look at these four tips from CasinoBernie and keep them in mind next time you’re playing online slots.

1 Look for pay-out percentage

Pay-out percentages are one of the first things to look out for when finding a new online slots platform to play. This term is also sometimes called the Return to Player (RTP) percentage, and it simply means the percentage of your deposit that a casino is willing to pay out to you. For instance, if the pay-out percentage is 96%, that means a casino is willing to pay out $96 for every $100 wagered on online slots. The higher this percentage is, the higher your chances of making a cash win during your time playing the game.

The fact that the number is lower than the wagered figure doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll always lose out, as it doesn’t take into account the frequency at which people win. Some people lose out, and others cash in. Just remember that the higher the number, the higher your chances of winning and the more money you will be on course to win from your online slots game.

2 Read game reviews

Online slots is a big business with a big following. There are many websites and forums dedicated to customer reviews, where you can find out more about your favourite online slots and casino platforms.

Reading reviews is one of the most accurate ways of learning about a company, brand, or casino. While it’s likely you will run into the occasional rant about a poor experience one person received, you will get a good general feel for the quality of the website, the reliability of the service they offer, and the chances you have of winning on their online slots.

Be sure to check out review websites and forums and base your online slots platform choice based on the feedback you see.

3 Keep a budget

Winning with online slots isn’t just about how much money you can win from a single game, but how you manage your budget and reduce your output as much as possible. Every player should go into an online slots game with a budget in mind. You can do this by simply managing your money, or you can use various online casino platforms to set maximum daily deposit limits. Some payment processors also offer similar features, making it impossible to spend more than a set amount each day or week.

Managing a budget ensures you don’t spend too much, but it also gives you a psychological incentive to spend wisely. Keep track of your outgoings, and only play online slots that give you the best chance of winning, and you’re all set for the best possible online casino experience.

4 Cash in smaller winnings

The final thing to remember when playing online slots is that the longer you play, the more likely you are to lose. This is another reason why it’s important to set and stick to a budget. A losing streak can’t always be fixed by playing for longer, and if anything, will probably see you lose more money.

That’s why you should always cash in your smaller winnings. Online slots can give you an opportunity to make cash winnings on a fairly frequent basis, but many players get fooled into betting their winnings. Remember to stop while you’re ahead, and take your winnings when you get them.

Slot strategies

Again, there isn’t a way to beat the game with online slots, but there are various strategies out there that can maximise your winnings. Some popular strategies also simply don’t work.

One such strategy that has long been hailed as a winning method but fails to deliver is bet sizing. Some people suggest that starting with your highest bet during your first play allows you to cash in a bigger prize and use the winnings later in the game. The strategy, however, doesn’t work. No bet sizing method will ever help you beat a random number generator, as your odds will always be the same no matter how many times you play.

Even with online slots and video slots, people still fall into the trap of believing in hot and cold machines. The random number generators used to power online slot machines mean that there is no such thing as a loose machine that pays out more easily. The chances you get are the chances laid out for you by the casino platform you use.

The best strategies to use for online slots are the ones we outlined above. That is, cashing in your smaller winnings, sticking to a budget, reading game reviews before playing, and checking the pay-out percentage before you play.

Online slots vs traditional slots

Online slots offer a number of benefits beyond being more convenient for players. The casino slot machines you play online allow you to play at any time, with no waiting in line. Making deposits and cashing out your winnings is a seamless and secure experience with modern payment processors, and the incentives are completely unmatched by traditional slots. Online slots and casino platforms not only offer you welcome spins and deposit bonuses, but you’ll get special offers throughout the year that increase your chances of winning.

The selection of casino slot machines is much bigger, too. Not only do you have multiple casino platforms to choose from, but each site has a huge selection of slot machines in various styles and themes. For variety, payment safety, and ease of use, you can’t beat online slots.

Different types of online slots

The kind of online slots you play depends on your preferences, and your platform. Websites will vary the kind of slots they offer in a number of different ways, starting with the visible style of play. This might include adding extra wheels to the traditional three or five-wheel setup, or a total overhaul of the theme.

Some video slots will include animations in the style of your favourite film, TV show, or game. Other video slots might stick to a traditional style and make it feel like you’re playing on a classic machine.

Volatility is a huge differing factor, too. Also known as dispersion or variance, volatility is the amount of risk that comes with playing your game. Every casino platform will tell you which games involve the highest volatility (or risk). Understand that the more volatile a game, the more you may lose or win while playing.

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