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Casino payment methods

Hey, it’s Bernie here! I’ve written a short article about online casino payments, explaining how to manage your billing, withdraw winnings, and much more. Read ahead and you’ll find out everything you need to know about casino payment systems, how they benefit you, and how you can play and make transactions online knowing your data is kept safe and secure.

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What is a payment provider?

A payment provider, or a payment processor, is a system that safely and securely facilitates a casino payment transaction between you and an online merchant. I

Through a reputable payment processor, online casinos are able to take a casino payment from you without holding on to your personal data. Payments may be made via debit or credit card, and depending on the casino platform you use, it may also be possible to use popular online banking alternatives like PayPal.

How do I make a deposit at an online casino?

Making a casino payment deposit is designed to be as simple as possible, but the process will vary depending on the casino platform you use and the payment provider used by that casino platform. Typically, you should expect to log into your personal casino account and look for a section related to casino payments. It might say “deposit” or “manage funds” and will give you the chance to enter payment details and choose a sum to pay into your account.

There are various payment providers out there managing casino payments, all of which function slightly differently but ensure your details are always kept private and safe.


Neteller began as a payment processor used only in Canada but has since become one of the most popular payment providers for casino payments. Joining is free and easy, and once you’ve become a member, you can move up its VIP ranks the more you use it for online payments, shopping, and money transfers.


Some online platforms take casino payments through a traditional Visa payment system, which comes with built-in payment protection. The Verified by Visa Merchant Program protects you against fraud and makes payments online super easy. Simply look for the card payment section on your online casino platform’s private account system and enter your details to make a safe transaction.


PayPal is one of the most popular payment providers on the Internet, allowing you to make casino payments, money transfers, and other transactions using your email address. Sign up for free, and you’ll have an online bank alternative that can be connected to multiple bank accounts. If your preferred casino supports it, you can make casino payments by entering your email address and PayPal password when prompted to make a PayPal payment in your private account section.

How do I withdraw my prizes from an online casino?

Much in the same way that casino payments are done differently depending on the platform you use, online casino withdrawals always work slightly differently too. It will always start with logging in to your online casino account and heading towards the payment gateway section.

Withdraw to PayPal

If your casino accepts PayPal, there should be a “withdraw to PayPal” button or feature available to you. Once you have already logged into PayPal through your casino system for casino payments, your details will be remembered, and the withdrawal should be possible. You may be asked to re-enter the email address associated with your PayPal, along with your PayPal password.

Withdraw to Your Bank

Withdrawing funds to your bank can be done through a great many payment providers or may be done directly. If done directly, you will be prompted to enter your bank details or your bank card information.

Remember, most casinos have introduced withdrawal limits. This is a restriction on the amount of money a user can withdraw in a single transaction, or the frequency at which you may withdraw. You will never be stopped from withdrawing money that rightfully belongs to you, but restrictions are usually put in place.
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What kind of currency can I use when making an online casino payment?

The currency you use when making online casino payments depends entirely on the country in which you play. Casino payments will typically be made in the currency your bank account uses, though this may change depending on your location and the payment provider used by your casino.

Paying through systems like PayPal will instantly convert your casino payments into the currency used by the casino, making it seamless and simple to make your payments.

Always choose a payment provider you trust

The payment provider you use is totally up to you. Casino payments are a big part of the experience, and it’s important you find a processor that fits your needs, and which you believe best protects your personal data.

Here at CasinoBernie, we aim to bring you all the facts about casino payments. We also only direct you to trusted online casino platforms that use safe, secure, and reputable payment providers. This means every casino payment you make will be protected, and you can enjoy the online experience free from worry.

Remember these simple points when about making a casino payment:

1. The currency you use to make payments will depend entirely on the currency you use, the payment provider, and your casino.
2. Payment providers offer different ways to make secure payments.
3. CasinoBernie only directs you to reputable, trustworthy platforms.
4. Payment providers protect you against fraud and theft.
5. Using a payment provider also means you don’t need to enter your card details every time you make a payment.

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