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Best PayPal Casinos in Canada

All throughout Canada, online casino platforms are looking for the best ways to protect your data – starting with PayPal casino experiences. Online casino PayPal services allow you to make quick and easy cash withdrawals from your account into your personal PayPal, which can later be moved into a bank account of your choice.

A PayPal casino also makes it safer and easier to deposit money into your account. Once you’ve found a casino platform you’re happy with, your experience making deposits will usually determine whether you continue to use the service. There are many good reasons to use PayPal, which is why more casinos throughout Canada have either added this payment processor to their roster of options or replaced it entirely with PayPal.

At CasinoBernie, we’re always connecting you with the best online casino platforms. This time, we’re showing you the best online casino PayPal experiences to ensure you enjoy an easier and more secure online gaming experience. Read more

Bernie Recommends: Top PayPal Online Casinos

The advantages of Using a PayPal casino

A PayPal casino can offer a number of incentives that keep bringing new players on board with their PayPal casino platforms, and which keep giving competing online casinos a reason to make the switch too.

Using a PayPal online casino is not only easy to use, thanks to PayPal’s quick setup process and simple online interface, but it’s also compatible with a huge variety of credit and debit cards. Users can connect their bank accounts and credit cards with the service, making it possible to make payments to a PayPal casino through the system and without entering their card details on the site.
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Simply hook your card up to your PayPal, and then enter your PayPal login details when making a payment online. You can decide whether the funds are taken directly from your PayPal balance, or from one of the bank cards connected to your account. Consider the PayPal system a safe, secure, and seamless proxy that connects your bank and an online casino platform without the two ever sharing specific data. It’s the perfect middleman that doesn’t bog you down with paperwork or burdensome complications.

Paypal Casinos keep you safe!

The security is really unmatched, too. PayPal has become one of the biggest players in online payments simply because it affords you optimal data protection. Your account can be set up with a two-factor authentification system, meaning even if somebody finds your password and attempts to log into your account, you will be notified and given the chance to log them out and change your password. Furthermore, if anyone ever finds their way into your personal online casino account, they won’t be able to find your banking information. All they’ll be able to see is that you’re hooked up to a PayPal account, which makes it virtually impossible to use or even access our personal information. This is the kind of security you need, and precisely what’s on offer from a PayPal online casino.

The transfers are much quicker than traditional online banking systems, too. A PayPal casino can instantly take payments when they integrate PayPal onto their site, whereas most traditional banks with have a clunky, dated online verification system that, while safe, takes a while to process.

For more secure transfers, great compatibility with all major banks and cards, and improved security, a PayPal casino is your best option. Trust CasinoBernie on this one!

Not all Canadian casinos accept Paypal

Not every casino is a PayPal casino, owing to regulations that affect the payment provider on an international level. In July 2019, it was reported that PayPal was targeted by German authorities and ordered to stop facilitating online casino transactions, despite the great many benefits the PayPal online system offers. But this shouldn’t put you off.

PayPal casino platforms continue to offer the most seamless online experience, and users in Canada are not generally affected by this rule. By using popular Canadian online casinos, you can enjoy all the benefits PayPal has to offer.

It’s easy to find a PayPal casino with CasinoBernie, too! Right here on our website, you’ll find a range of lists and articles offering you great advice to improve your online gambling experience.

When we review a casino, we’ll tell you all about their payment processing system and what we think of it. We’ll always tell you if it’s a PayPal casino or not, making it easy for you to choose the perfect platform for you.

CasinoBernie Presents the best PayPal casino platforms

CasinoBernie brings you the best and most reliable advice about online PayPal casino platforms. The above list introduces you to some of our favourite casinos, which are some of the biggest and most reputable players in the space. Every PayPal casino we present to you takes your data protection seriously, offers you a fair game, and gives you great odds and promotional deals throughout the year.

If you’re not sure which platform is best for you, just take a look at our list of PayPal casino platforms and see which feels right. Compare their features, the styles of games they have on offer, and the odds on offer.

They all support PayPal as a payment processor, meaning you’ll quickly and easily be able to make deposits and withdrawals without entering your banking information or storing those details on your online PayPal casino account.

So don’t delay – check out these PayPal casino platforms and get playing!

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