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Psssst… if you want to find my secret bonus codes for unveiling attractive bonuses you’ve come to the right place, my friend. But don’t tell everybody! It’s our little secret.
First I should tell you a bit more about why you should use my bonus codes. It really makes a lot of sense, I promise you!

What is a bonus code?

Bonus codes can go by many different names. Some people call them promo codes or campaign code but I prefer bonus codes. But you can use the word you like best, of course!
A bonus code is a secret code that unlocks bonuses at casinos. In other words, you may need a bonus code in order to get the bonus you want. Perhaps that is why so many people today are looking online for bonus codes.
I was one of the people scouring Google for the newest codes myself, but I realized it was way too much work for one person! That was why my friends and I decided to work together to create one of the most complete bonus code lists right here at!
No more getting frustrated by the amount of work it takes to find the bonus codes. You just pick your promo code straight off my list, click on the link to the casino and take full advantage. It couldn’t be easier, my friend!

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Is there always a bonus code?

Let me make it clear – You don’t always need a bonus code to get a bonus on a casino. Some casinos don’t even use codes and you can still get mighty fine bonuses. But other times a unique bonus code can unlock a special bonus for you, and that is what makes the promo codes so attractive.

But it is important you know, that you can get really great bonuses even without a code at all!
You can consider bonus codes something extra, that you may be lucky to get but is not always necessary. Sometimes the casinos are happy enough to give you bonuses anyway. It can vary from casino to casino!

Find your next bonus code right here!

At I always make sure to collect the best bonus codes from all over the Internet.
I take big pride in making my list of casinos with bonus codes as good as possible and I hope you want to take a look at it and find yourself a bonus code.
On my bonus code list you can find all you need to know about the bonus codes – you can even read reviews on every one of the casinos if you want to know more. I know that many of my friends certainly like to read my reviews. They tell me that they find the reviews to be very informative, which makes me really happy!

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Unique bonus codes only at CasinoBernie

Sometimes I can give you some unique bonus codes that I’ve gotten directly from the casinos. I regularly get mails from different casinos and sometimes they want to give me something special to share with my friends at That’s why I always make sure to keep my bonus code list up to date! In that way you and all my friends can always find the best promo codes and free spins simply by visiting my site. Well, I won’t hold you up anymore – good luck finding your bonus code and all the best!

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