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No deposit bonus 2020 – Find the best no deposit casino offers today

Hey you! Looking for some of the best casino bonuses no deposit – welcome to the right place.
Here at CasinoBernie we are offering you the possibility to quickly find the best free spins from the best online casinos.

Below you will be able to find great casinos with great offers. You are just a few steps from the big jackpot! I’m your friend, so I have only found the casinos with a proper license. With CasinoBernie you are in safe hands.

One of the best things about no deposit casino is free spins! What is better than playing casino games online without losing any money? You can actually win real money without losing – that’s so cool in my opinion. I will guide you through the free bonus no deposit casino. Together with my expert team I have made a widespread list.

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No Deposit Bonus – what does it mean?

When you are not putting any money into the game is called no deposit bonus. You will still be able to win money – “for free”. There is always a but. In most cases this but is high wagering requirements, that are almost impossible to meet.

Now it's time to play for free

How to claim your no deposit bonus: Step by step

Each casino has a unique process for claiming bonuses. However, they tend to follow the same basic structure. Below are the steps involved in claiming the attractive no deposit bonus:
Estimated time needed: 00:06 Tools needed: Bernie list Supply needed: InternetTimeLuck
Browse through or list of latest no deposit bonus
Browse through or list of latest no deposit bonus The first step to claiming your no deposit bonus is finding a reputable casino. Browse through our pre-reviewed list of top no deposit bonus casinos and pick a favorite. Step 1
Check up on the wagering requirements
Check up on the wagering requirements Before jumping into the whole account creation and sign up process make sure to check if the no deposit bonus is even worth anything. Some no deposit bonuses have very high wagering requirements or unrealistic terms which means you might not benefit that much of the no deposit bonus except trying out a new slot machine perhaps. Step 2
Sign up as a new player Once you choose a casino with a no deposit bonus that meets your expectations, click on register or sign up to join the platform. This allows you to complete creating a unique account from which you can manage your bankroll and enjoy your favorite games. Step 3
Claim your bonus
Claim your bonus Some casinos add the bonus automatically, while others require you to claim the bonus manually. Make sure you follow the platform's instructions until the bonus reflects in your account. Step 4

Manual: Different types of free spins & no deposit

Before signing up as a new player the casinos are tempting you with attractive bonuses, to get your registration on their site. It mostly has been seen in a huge amount of free spins no deposits. Many of them look interesting and are almost too good to be true. The purpose of those free spins no deposits are to capture new players to their site. Here I’m introducing you to the selection of bonuses that will show up on casino sites:

No wagering

No wagering means that the casinos are offering new players to play some spins for free without no wagering. You’re having the opportunity to win real money without losing any. Online casinos are begging for you to register and are creative in their ways to do it. After you have been creating an account you are able to win money without losing any. It’s a free chance to try out live casinos, slots and tables games. The biggest pros of no wagering are you don’t need to spend 10, 20, or 30 times the amount before you will get the bonus.

Free play

Free play allows you to play slots on the online casino site for free – so what are you waiting for? The casino sites are offering free plays on their site, so you are able to try out which live casinos, slots and table games work for you which don’t work. Try them out but be careful, your addiction to the game is what the casino sites are waiting for.

Welcome bonus

Most likely are casino sites offering new players a casino welcome bonus no deposit. This is a strategy for the casinos to encourage new players and let them try out slots on their platform. But don’t be to be flattered of a no deposit welcome bonus commission, since that’s their strategy to capture you as a new player. Before you know it, you are paying to play on the casino site. A fact is, welcome bonuses are the most preferred bonus among players. The online casinos are creative in making diversified welcome bonuses, so what you will see is that they appear in different forms. The competition in online gambling is high, so nothing should surprise you. Be prepared for great offers like free spins and monetary bonuses.

Many online casino sites are offering new players a welcome bonusNo deposit & free spins

You are able to play different games without any money in your account with no deposit and free spins. You can achieve these bonuses when you are signing up as a new player on a casino site or if you have accomplished some landmarks in the games you have played for a while, then you will be awarded free spins without no deposit. It’s actually possible to win real money with this bonus. But before getting started, our advice is to read and understand the conditions and terms of the bonuses, since the online casinos are in the game to get you to play more.

Referral Bonus Spins

“Tell a friend to tell a friend” is what Referral Bonus is about. Many players don’t know about referral bonus offers, which is a shame since they can get many free spins from here. The casino sites give a referral bonus to players who are willing to invite friends and family to play at their site. A referral link is the most common invitation.
To get the bonus, you need a personal referral link, so others can be invited. It’s important for you to remember the referral link otherwise you will lose the bonus, since the online casinos can’t track how the new players have arrived at their site. Here at CasinoBernie, we have seen that many casinos are taking advantage of the term “referral”. Now you are informed, so be aware.

The terms like “invite a friend” and “invite a buddy” are mostly used. If you really want to get the referral bonus spins you need more than just get others to sign up. Make sure that your friends and family continue playing since your bonus will keep coming.

Cashback bonus

A cashback bonus is a smart way to make players loyal. When you are losing money at gambling you will be offered a percentage, typically around 5-25%, of your loss for a given period. This is a way for the casino site to make you more loyal. Loyalty is really important for the casino sites since they are living in your gambling, so they are doing what they can to make you satisfied with them as your gambling provider.

Free spin no deposit

Pro & Cons: The benefits of selecting a no deposit bonus

The biggest mistake almost every player is making is not to follow up on wagering requirements of the free spins bonuses they want.

The most common reward comes from slots which gives a lot of free spins.
There is a lot of different strategies when it comes to offering free spins. Some are paying more attention to a welcome bonus package and others are giving these bonuses on a regular basis. All together there is no disadvantage for you to play casino games with money provided from the casino sites. This can make gaming more interesting and less tense since you don’t lose anything.

If you are winning you have won some money, and if you are losing it’s not your own money you are losing, so it’s a win-win situation for you. You can try online casinos and see if it gets your attention. Otherwise you can leave after having played few spins, the choice is yours.
I have listed some pros and cons of free spins below.



  • Try new slots for free
  • Zero risk involved
  • Earnings from free spins are yours
  • Play slot games on the house


  • Limit of cashouts
  • Limit of time
  • Free spin bonuses can’t be claimed in some specific countries
  • Some can have wagering requirements

Keywords of free spin no deposit

Keywords in free spins no deposit


There is an expiring date of every free spin no deposit bonuses. Every bonus has a time limit and when it expires, it can’t be used anymore, so pay attention so it doesn’t happen. The validity can be found in the terms and conditions of the bonus.

Bet sizes

Usually, casinos put a maximum of the bet size, which means that there is a limit of the bet you can make with the bonus. The reason why the casino sites has done that, is that too much betting has a bad impact on their bankroll. It also prevents players from making a single lucky bet.

Free spins

Free spins are a free bet which can be used on different slots. So, let’s say you have some spins that you have paid for on your account, these are not getting used when you are using the free spins. Some casinos are actually offering free spins bonus rounds, but you need to win them by playing the slots.

Wagering requirements

The number of times you need to play the bonus cash before you can cash out is called wagering requirements. This is a way for the casino to ensure they are not losing money on players who just enter to get the bonus money. So be ready for a lot of restrictions before getting your money.

Limit of winnings

The dream for a gambler is to win big. But the online casino sites don’t want you to win too much, so if the luck has hit you, your account will get a betting limit. In some cases, if you are winning too much the casino will close your account, and do not allow you to play anymore.

The casino site has its right to suspend your account which seems unfair to many.
Online casinos are fine with you to win smaller bets but when it comes to bigger wins they are losing money which is not in their interest. On the positive side if your account is getting suspended you can be proud of yourself since you are a good gambler and a bad business for the casino sites.

Be aware of the casino sites jungle

Why selecting a no deposit bonus – guide: Keep this in mind

It’s a jungle out there when it comes to free spins bonuses that are available for new players. But take care, that’s our best advice. To locate the best new free spins on casino sites, your sincere helper is CasinoBernie. With CasinoBernie you are in safe hands since our team of experts has picked the best new casinos that offer crazy free spins bonuses. Our list is just with trustworthy casino brands.

Safe some stressful time of searching with our detailed list that helps you to find the best free spins casino sites – you can start playing right away!

Playing through a no deposit casino bonus

Your details are important for casino sites, so they get a feeling about who you are and what you might be interested in playing at their site. But good advice is to read the terms and conditions from different platforms. With reading terms and conditions, you can make the best decision when placing your bets.

CasinoBernie has your interest and offers you guidance that helps you navigate in the jungle of the casino sites. Keep in mind that no deposit bonuses usually come with a wagering requirement.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about no deposit bonuses etc.</

What is a no deposit casino?

A no deposit casino is a casino that allows players to play slots on the website without having any deposit connected to the casino site. It’s a marketing tool to attract new players to create and account and start playing. No deposit casinos make it possible for you to gamble for free, but the disadvantage is that the winnings are very low.

How to get a no deposit bonus?

It’s quite easy to use the no deposit bonuses. New players on a casino site will get it right away when they have created an account. You will actually get some of them automatically on your account right after the registration has been made. Others require you to put a free no deposit bonus and reach out to the customer service it differs from the casinos.

Are no deposit bonus deals really free?

The fast answer is yes, but you don’t get anything for free in the casino-world. You are not paying with money but instead with your information’s like E-mail, name and so on. The casino sites are using this information to make direct marketing for you since they know what you might be interested in. Otherwise it’s completely for free.

Can I cash out the bonus after activating?

I would be happy to tell you that it is possible to cash out right after activating, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. In terms and conditions on the casino site you will be presented a wide range of conditions you need to fulfill before it’s possible to cash out. The casino sites are not interesting in losing money, so the free bonus you get after signing up is a marketing strategy to get your registration on their casino site.

Do you keep what you win?

It happens when a player has won, they are keeping their wins. But read the terms and conditions on the casino site before getting seduced of the nice free bonuses, free spins and no deposits.


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