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Casino guide: Ah, I see you’ve found my casino guide! Welcome, I hope I can help you get to know casinos as well as I do. And don’t worry, it’s really all quite simple!

I have here collected a complete list of my favourite online gambling sites. Feel free to have a look!

Online gambling – It all started in 1996

Before I take you through my casino guide, it’s interesting to have a little bit of background.

Roulette, blackjack and other classic table games have been played for centuries. Even slot machines have also been around for more than a 100 years now!

By the way, did you know that it was an American gentleman called Charles Fey invented the original slot machine in the 1880s in San Francisco? – Unfortunately for him he couldn’t patent his invention, because gambling was illegal in San Francisco then!

Oh dear, I better get back on track here. So, casino games have been around for a really long time, but what about online casinos?

Well, in the 1990’s the World Wide Web, aka the Internet was invented. All of a sudden a lot of new opportunities arose including the opportunity to transform some of the classic casino games to Internet based games!

It didn’t happen overnight, but in 1996 the first live casino came on the market. Its name was InterCasino and it is actually still active today! Incredible!

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3 reasons online gaming is so popular

Over the years the casinos have gained popularity worldwide. But why is that, you ask? Well, I’m not a professor or anything like that, but I think there are a couple of reasons for the popularity.

1. One of the reasons is that online slots are way more entertaining than the real life slots. There are more bonus games, better payout percentages, and the graphics are just amazing!

2. Another reason may be that it is so convenient! I live in the countryside so I know that it can be a hassle to travel to a real casino. With online gambling sites I can sit in my good old house and play the same games as in Las Vegas! That’s how I get time for things like writing this casino guide!

3. The final reason is of course the chance to win. The jackpots have never been higher on average. Slots such as Loot En Khamun, Mega Fortune, Divine Fortune, Mega Moolah and many others have huge jackpots. So why not take a chance, huh?


My 5 step casino guide

So now that you know a little bit about how online gambling came about and why they are so popular, here is my brief, 5-step casino guide for you. You probably know a few of the steps already!

1. Important differences!

It’s important that you understand that online casinos are not all the same. These are some of the most common differences:

The welcome bonuses differ

It can vary a lot what you get in welcome bonuses. So it really does make sense to compare the different casinos, for example via my bonus code lists!

The games are different

Let me tell you something my friend: Casino games are not all the same. Just check out some of the different gambling sites and see for your self! There are different slots on different sites and some of the casinos have live casino as well. Always go for high payout percentages and maximum entertainment!

Customer support is important

It is a great feeling when you know help’s right around the corner. A good customer service can save you from a lot of time and sleepless nights. I always make sure that there is a customer support in my own language available.

In any case, hopefully you will not have any problems at all while playing!

2. Choose licensed casinos

For me safe gaming is very important. That’s why I only present licensed casinos here on my site!

All casinos shown on, including in this casino guide, are licensed in their respective countries and are proven to be fair by the lawmakers. Therefore you can rest easy if you choose the casinos on my lists!

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If you choose licensed casinos, you don’t have to worry about hackers and fraud!

3. The right casino

How do you choose the right casino? Well my friend, that was the question I asked myself when I created

I believe that it is necessary to compare different casinos. Therefore I made my list of the best ones. If you want to know more about a gambling site, I have even written reviews of all of them on my site. Go and have a look!

4.Remember to gamble responsibly

I know for a fact that gambling can be a lot of fun. But remember that it is only for fun and should never be thought of as a source of income!

I recommend you never wager more than you can afford to lose. And if it is not fun to play anymore then it is time to stop! Actually, this is one of the most important pieces of advice in this casino guide.

5. See the casinos here!

I hope you feel that you know more about online casino now that you’ve read my casino guide. Maybe want to choose your next site to play at!

Go to the front page and find all my favourite gambling sites right now. Perhaps you can even find yourself an exciting bonus and get a great start ahead!
Good luck!

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