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CasinoBernie’s guide to live casino online

Live casino online is really amazing. I mean, not like child birth or something like that, but being able to play blackjack or Casino Hold ’Em with a professional dealer from the comfort of your home is actually quite cool!

Here I’ve written a little bit about live casino, giving you my tips and tricks for the best experience at the tables. I hope you will find it helpful!

live casino

What is live casino?

An online live casino is a video transmission of a real casino table game like blackjack or roulette, with the possibility to place bets directly from your computer. Advanced software registers your choices and correlates them with the results from the table. All this takes place seamlessly and in seconds, just like it would at a real casino!

The thrill of live casino

To be perfectly honest with you, I find computer versions of games like blackjack and roulette very boring. Also, I don’t really trust them. Sure, the games are completely fair and random, but they work in a different way than the real thing. That’s why I prefer live casino games!

A live casino offers transmission of real casino games from venues around the world. It’s not a computer, but real humans operating the tables. That’s something I feel I can trust!

I think it’s fairly obvious why so many people are drawn to the live casino online. It’s like to planets collapsed and became only the best of both!

With live casino, you get the same feeling that you get at a real casino, just from the comfort of your home! In addition, you have more gaming opportunities at live casino than you do at a real casino, and you won’t have pay parking tickets or entrance fee. Too me, it’s a no brainer!

Top live casino games

New types of live casino games are being marketed these days, but it is still the old classics that hold sway. Some of the most popular games for live casino include:

1. European Roulette

European roulette is just another word for the ordinary roulette with a single zero. It isn’t connected to the European Parliament or anything like that. The roulette is several hundred years old, and the game has captivated anyone from kings and queens, to famous authors and philosophers. With the invention of live casino, the good old game has entered a glorious new era!

2. Blackjack

Every real gambler’s favourite. If you want to play casino card games online, in my opinion it’s alfa and omega that you choose live casino. And blackjack on live casino can actually be quite entertaining!

Sometimes, big operators like Las Vegas make special tables with special themes, such as celebrity blackjack or sports blackjack. Tons of fun! Nothing beats blackjack for winning odds and style!

3. Baccarat

The ultimate high roller game. You know baccarat from James Bond movies and the big Macau casinos, where this fast card game attracts the wealthiest players.

With live casino, you don’t need to be a millionaire to join the Baccarat table. And the game has never looked better in the sophisticated game studios of the contemporary providers!

Top 3 live casino providers

More and more gaming providers are offering live casino – I guess they figured out what the players want! Here are some of the top live casino providers. Each have their own characteristics, but all offer fantastic live casino experiences!

1. Evolution Gaming – the biggest and best!

Evolution Gaming rocks. They provide crisp clear and lightning fast gaming experiences, and even offers some totally new casino games.

I haven’t yet met a live casino that is as comfortable and hassle-free as Evolution Gaming’s. I don’t know how they do it, but they’re definitely doing it right!

Some of the most thrilling live gaming experiences offered by Evolution Gaming are:

Lightning roulette

A new and electric version of the European roulette, presented in a wacky, Great Gatsby setting.

Lightning roulette has to be my favourite live casino games, both because of its volatility and its entertainment factor. Lightning roulette works like this:

  • Players place their bets as in regular European roulette
  • Before the ball is set to spin, the live dealer (dressed in the awesome lightning-uniform) pulls the lightning handle.
  • When the lightning handle is pulled, the ”lightning” (an RNG) strikes down in 1-4 of the roulettes 36 numbers.
  • The numbers that are “hit by the lightning” will now pay between 50-500x the bet instead of the usual 36x for straight up bets on the roulette.

As you can probably guess, the lightning factors make it much more interesting to make straight up bets on the roulette. It’s really a thrill when the lightning strikes on YOUR number! This combined with electrified live dealers make lightning roulette a true gambler’s favourite.

By the way, lightning roulette is one of the live casino games that can be played with a small bankroll, as the minimum for straight up bets is only about 20 Euro cents.

Dream Catcher

Ah, the good old wheel of Fortune. Wheel of Fortune was never a very wise choice for players, and can well be considered what is often referred to as a ”sucker bet” due to its low return to player. Still, it’s so much fun to watch the wheel spin!

With Evolution Gaming, the antique Fortune Wheel has found new life in the Dream Catcher game. When presented in Evolution Studio’s crisp clear resolution and with the witty live dealers on board, you almost forget that this is a game that will rob you of your money faster than a cake is eaten at a birthday party!

Live Dragon Tiger

A fast-paced, two card version of Baccarat set in captivating surroundings. Live Dragon-Tiger is as rewarding as it is exhilarating – but watch out that the tiger don’t eat you, or the dragon spurs fire on your dreams!

Oh, and by the way: The dealers in dragon-tiger are usually female, and in their elegant red dresses, they tend to look quite stunning…

2. Xtreme Live Gaming

Xtreme live gaming is not the snazziest live game provider out there, and you may experience a few annoyances using their software, such as streaming delays and a somewhat confusing menu. Nevertheless, X-treme gaming has some strong sides:

  • Xtreme Gamings blackjack has the highest pay-out percentage of any live blackjack game
  • The dealers are professional and straight to the point
  • The awesome Golden Ball roulette, that let’s you compete for huge prizes as a site bet.
  • Live Box allows you to place bets on the game in a real casino – not just a game studio. Get that authentic casino feeling!

As I said, X-treme live gaming should be your no. 1 choice for live blackjack. Some people may also like the relative calm and silence of their game studio. However, it is not quite my favourite live game provider.

3. Netent

If you’re into video slots, you most certainly know Netent. They are the absolute top provider of online slot games in Europe, and with classics such as Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest, Netent has a special place in the heart of many gamblers.

Recently, Netent has also turned their attention to live games, and they have set up their own awesome game studio, naturally dominated by the awesome green colour for which the company is known!

If you are playing live casino from your mobile phone, you will most certainly find Netent’s live games a true pleasure. They have specialized in providing optimal gaming experiences from handheld devices.

Netent live games have a lot of advantages, such as easy to use interfaces; stunningly clear image quality, and good looking venues. However, I find their game selection to be a little bit boring. Currently, they only offer blackjack and roulette. Oh well, those are great games too!

live casino

Live casino vs. Computer table games

The real thing is always better than the copy, right? This most certainly holds true with casino games, at least in my opinion.

If you’ve tried to play blackjack or baccarat in it’s computer form, you will probably agree with me that the game feels and acts different. Here’s one of the main reasons:

  • In a real casino card game, the cards come from ”shoe”, that is, a container with one or more sets of shuffled cards.
  • In a computerized casino card game, a random number generator simulates the shuffled cards.
  • Here is the problem: Whereas the shoe in a real card game only will have so many possible outcomes over a stretch of play, even if the shoe is changed when its only half used. But an RNG will shuffle the card for every round!
  • This means, that in a real casino card game, there is less opportunity to get a given card again over a stretch of game. But in a computerized casino card games, the chances will be the exact same every time. In theory, you could end up being dealt the very same hand eight times i row!

To summarize my argument why live casino games is better than computerized table games is this: In a live game, there is a finite amount of cards that decreases each time a round is played – in computer card games, the amount of cards is the same for every round!

Live casino and safety

Are the games at a live casino fair and safe? Most certainly they are! As one could say, there are cameras everywhere! Live casino games are provided by world wide game companies, and they no what they are doing.

There are no hidden cards or weighted dice. And don’t worry about errors or bets disappearing into thin air. I’ve been playing for years and have never experienced such a thing. In fact, it shouldn’t even be technically possible!

I can give you my word that if you experience what you perceive as cheating with any of the above described live game providers, it is the fault of a bad casino, not the live game provider themselves.

Live casino mobile

Playing live casino from your mobile phone, why not? Certainly, it is not only online slots that have been adapted for smartphone and tablet. The live casino can also be played smoothly on the go, and some of the providers have even made special apps to ensure flawless operation!

The only thing that you need to have an optimal live casino experience is a smartphone and a good pair of headphones. That and a casino account with money on it, of course!

live casino

Live casino bonus

Many people are interested in getting their hands on a live casino bonus. However, these can be quite hard to come by. When available, live casino bonuses also tend to come with some really steep roll over demands.

The reason that the roll over demands for live casino bonuses tends to be quite high is that most live table games has a very high RTP. This means that the casinos will loose a lot of time on average. Therefore, they are naturally trying to protect their money.

However, even if a live casino bonus may be hard to play through, they can certainly still provide you with a fair amount of entertainment!

If you are interested in getting more credits for your live casino account, take a look at my list above!

Have a look at my choice of live casinos above!

Are you ready for the live casino adventure? Scroll on up to the top of the page, where you find my hand picked collection of the very best live casino operators. Choose the bonus you like, and have fun!

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