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New Casino Sites – Find newly opened casinos in 2022

Hey, it’s Bernie here! Great to see you back on the site.

Sometimes I find it hard to gather all the information about the best new casino sites, but I do it for you guys! I know it can be tough finding what’s new on the market, and what kind of deals are available, so I’ve compiled this great list of the best brand new online casinos.

Take a look and you’ll find lots of information about these new online casinos, and as always, you can rest assured every site has been checked for quality and reputability. Pick your new favorite casino and claim those amazing welcome bonuses!

I wish you the best of luck on your journey! Read more

Top 10: New Casino Sites in April

How Bernie reviews new casino sites – checklist

At Casino Bernie, we consider multiple factors before recommending new casino sites to you. In our experience, it’s important to be able to find a casino that offers the kind of games and interface that you enjoy the most, so we don’t just tell you what we think is the best casino.

Instead, we search for all the best brand new casino sites and present you with as many options as possible. We’ll help you find a casino that suits your exact requirements, from interface style to the best bonuses and the widest selection of games.

Take a look below and we’ll show you how we find the best casinos on the internet. Remember, if you’re looking at casinos outside of our recommendations here at Casino Bernie, that these are all the important things to take into consideration!

We only recommend websites that are fully licensed by appropriate authorities. We check to see what countries the websites operate in and whether they are properly licensed to serve customers from those companies. Every site we share with you is responsible, protects your data, and has been given the go-ahead by the biggest gambling authorities in the world.

We also make sure that every site is free from fraudulent activity. We ask whether these sites are approved by eCOGRA or iTech Labs. eCOGRA is a player protection and standards organisation, as well as a testing agency, that ensures websites handle data safely. iTech Labs plays a similar role, and both of these organisations work with governments to ensure companies comply with data protection rules.

We only share casinos with great game selections, meaning you’ll be able to find the kind of games you love on virtually every site we post. We also make specific recommendations for players with very specific tastes!

Love bonuses? So do we. Not only do we favour sites with great bonus offers, we even offer lists of the best deals available at any time. Keep up to date by checking out the Casino Bernie site regularly!

If you like playing on your smartphone or tablet, we examine websites to make sure they are mobile-friendly. This means that the website can be accessed via a regular smartphone browser, or a dedicated mobile app is available on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Casino sites use different payment gateways but there is a growing trend of allowing people to make payments exclusively through e-wallets rather than banks. Don’t worry, we choose websites with the best range of payment options!

A casino is only as good as the support it offers. You can bet every site we offer gives you 24hr support, live chats, phone support, email support, and a great overall experience.

What good is an online casino if the interface is hard to use? We share the most innovative and user-friendly websites with amazing features.

mobile option anywhere

6 tips when choosing a new online casino

We bring you the very best new casino sites here at Casino Bernie, but how do you decide the one that’s right for you?

It’s simple! Consider these six tips and you’ll be filtering through the best new online casino sites and playing great games with huge bonuses in no time!

bonus box

First things first, the games! Every casino varies the kinds of games it offers, and which game developers they work with. You’ll usually find that the biggest casino platforms have games from the most famous developers, so the bigger the site the more choice you’ll usually find.

However, that doesn’t mean you only have to go with the big sites to have a great experience. Some of the new casino sites still have an amazing selection of games, but perhaps from lesser-known developers.

If you have specific games in mind, make sure you find a platform that offers those varieties of games. If you’re into the big games, from the big players, then go for the more popular casino sites. If you want to try something interesting and fresh, however, we definitely recommend the smaller sites.

You can easily choose a site at random from Casino Bernie and be happy, but we want you to make sure the site you choose offers precisely what you want!

Don’t forget the bonuses! We always make sure that the sites we share with you offer great bonuses, but these change throughout the year and vary depending on how much money you deposit and the games you play. If you have specific goals in mind, be sure to check out what the welcome bonuses actually are.

What’s more, if you’re trying to get the best bonuses and make the biggest wins without putting down very much of your own cash, we always advise you to check out the wagering requirements. Sure, a bonus might look amazing initially, but high wagering requirements means that you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings until you have wagered a certain amount of cash.

There are lots of other bonuses to keep in mind, too. If you’re planning on being loyal to one casino site, then make sure it’s one that treats its loyal customers well. Some sites give you bonuses and free spins throughout the year if you stick around and keep playing.

How do you play casino games online? Do you prefer playing on your laptop or desktop setup? How about a tablet or a smartphone?

If it’s the latter, you’ll need to make sure the casino you choose has mobile compatibility! This can come in two forms, and we always make sure to let you know if a casino doesn’t have it.

The most common kind of mobile compatibility is a responsive website. This means that the buttons on the site, as well as the overall visuals, change depending on the size of screen you use. If you’re using a smartphone the website will look quite different than if you are using a desktop machine, but you will be able to access all the same features and functionality.

Games load and can be used with a touchscreen in the same way you use them with a mouth.

The best mobile casinos, however, offer mobile apps that can be downloaded via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Okay, so this one boils down to personal preference and taste and is hard to measure, but it’s still important. We always take into consideration the overall concept of a casino site, the kind of games they offer, and the features within the site. You should consider these too!

You can expect every casino that we recommend to boast a great range of competitive features and to have functional and intuitive websites, but we always encourage people to check out the sites we post to make sure they suit their individual needs.

If you like a classic experience, check out the various casinos with classic gold and black colours and a simple interface. Other websites are more adventurous, boasting super modern themes and niches that others don’t.

Competition drives this industry, with websites coming up with new features all the time. Whether it’s enhanced live chatting with your friends and fellow gamblers, or new ways to interact with dealers during live games, these are all things you should consider when choosing the right site.

Customer support for online casinos has just got better and better over the years, and these days you should expect nothing less than live chats and 24-hour support. As online casinos cater for international audiences, there is no reason why customer support shouldn’t be available all the time.

Not only do these casinos cater to people in different time zones, but many people like to play casino games at times that suit them. So, if you think you’ll be playing late at night or early in the morning (owing to your personal schedule) then be sure to choose a site with round-the-clock customer support.

Some sites offer regular email support ticket systems, some have phone numbers you can dial, but many offer live chats that allow you to communicate with an agent instantly online. Choose the right one for you, from our lists at Casino Bernie, and we’re sure you’ll be happy with the great level of service on offer.

Finally, remember that every website offers different deposit and withdrawal methods! The one thing you can count on is that most or all online casinos allow you to make deposits and withdrawals via your traditional bank account.

Deposits are always instant, but withdrawals can take a little bit longer, particularly if you choose to use your bank account.

Newer online casinos tend to opt for e-wallets, instead. These are platforms like PayPal, Skrill, and Boku that allow you to keep funds stored online and away from your bank. We usually find that withdrawals take a matter of days to e-wallets, but could take as long as a week for traditional bank accounts.

So if you want the best withdrawal times, be sure to find a casino that is compatible with e-wallets. If you already use a particular kind of e-wallet and don’t want to change, take a look at the sites we offer and make sure that e-wallet is compatible.

4 step guide: How to find a brand new online casino site

This step-by-step guide is meant for you who wants to find a brilliant new casino and start playing great casino games but needs some guidance into finding all the the information.
Estimated time needed: 00:06 Tools needed: Bernie's lists Supply needed: Mobile device, tablet or laptop
Browse through or list of latest no deposit bonus
Check out our lists First, take a look at our list of new casino sites here at Casino Bernie. Our lists are extensive and you can trust every website we recommend. They’ve all been checked for appropriate licenses and reputability, so once you’ve found one you like, you know you can trust it. From there, you should check what the site has on offer. Step 1
Check for the wagering requirements If you want to make the most of bonuses, look at the terms and conditions pages of the sites you like the look of and check the wagering requirements. The lower the wagering requirements, the less you need to deposit or wager before you can withdraw those winnings. Remember, wagering requirements are fine, so long as you stick around and use the platform for some time. Step 2
Check out the games Do you have a specific game in mind? Make sure the casino offers it! Think about the future, too. You’re really into a very specific kind of roulette right now but you think you may like to try live online poker one day, then our list of the best new casino sites includes several platforms that offer both those things. Think ahead and make sure the games you love are available! Step 3
payment methods
Check out the payment methods Finally, remember to make sure you’re happy with the deposit and withdrawal system available on the site. If you already have a preferred e-wallet that you would like to use, every website displays what they’re compatible with on their page. If you struggle to find it, however, you can always sign up for an account and see what options they give you when you try and make a deposit. Make sure to choose one with a seamless and convenient service! Step 4

The Advantages & Disadvantages of new online casinos

We think the new casino sites coming out at the moment are really impressive, but as with everything in life, there are always upsides and downsides. The new mobile casino sites offer some intriguing benefits but may also not be entirely suitable if you’re looking for a more rounded experience from a long-established platform.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of accessing these new mobile casino sites, and see if they’re right for you!



  • Welcome bonuses are always one of the best bonuses you get on a casino site, and with new platforms, those bonuses are particularly tempting. New sites will get you on board with some of the best welcome promotions you’ve ever seen.
  • New sites are always looking to distinguish themselves from the established platforms, so they’re bound to include new features, have different and more exciting themes, and a more modern look than some of the other sites you may be used to.
  • If you’re looking for new games, you’ll find them on new sites. Of course, the big platforms always introduce new games, but with an entirely new platform, you’re likely to come across games you’ve never heard of from up-and-coming developers.
  • New sites adopt new technology more quickly than big platforms! The big players may wait until a technology is matured, but these new sites will take a gamble on exciting new features in live casinos and even virtual reality games!


  • Let’s be honest, if a site is new, then it’s not going to have had the same opportunity as the bigger players to get as many developers and games onboard. But that doesn’t mean their games aren’t good too!
  • If a site is new, there may be bugs or you may be unfamiliar with how their system works. That’s fine, though! With 24/7 customer service available on most sites now, you’ll get quick answers to your questions.
  • The wagering requirements may be higher on some new sites. It’s just a way of protecting the site from people cashing on on welcome bonuses too early – but if you like the site and continue playing, then who cares about wagering requirements?
  • Finally, you may not be able to use the mobile app yet. New casino sites will almost always be functional on mobile devices through browsers, but official apps in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store can sometimes take a while to be approved. So keep that in mind, you may have to wait a few weeks or months if the site is super new!

New no deposit bonus casinos

One of the best trends with new casinos is that they really want to bring in new customers with no deposit bonuses. When you sign up you’ll be inundated with offers and promotions that are designed to get you playing on as many games as possible. So, be aware of this when you’re signing up and be sure to use those offers in games you truly love.

Remember that there are wagering requirements, though! When you make winnings using a bonus, and you haven’t wagered any of your own cash, you will have to make a deposit and play with your own money before withdrawing those winnings.

There are different kinds of no deposit bonuses, too! When you first sign up, you’ll usually be given a certain amount of cash or credits to use on any game you like. It’s a welcome bonus that doesn’t require you to put down a deposit. If the site has slots, you’ll usually be given lots of free spins on whatever slots they offer.

More specific welcome bonuses will relate to specific games. If the site you join is particularly proud of one game and wants to create a buzz, then you can bet you’ll get a bonus that is specifically applicable to that game, whether it’s Tombola, a 3D adventure gambling game, or a new take on roulette!

Bonus without deposit casinos

New progressive jackpot slots

Love slots? Progressive slots make them even more exciting, and new casinos tend to embrace this format often! Instead of offering you a fixed jackpot, like normal slots, a progressive game keeps on increasing that jackpot as more people get involved and play.

This is a common feature on traditional slot machines, but it has been ported into online games and is available on virtually all new casinos. The more people play the more you could win, meaning some sites offer thousands, tens of thousands, and sometimes even more in bonuses. How cool is that?

Some of the latest progressive games are going a step further and connecting slot games from the same family. That means multiple variations of a slot game, from the same publisher, will be connected and continue increasing the size of a jackpot. With more people playing, the jackpot just gets bigger. It’s a great way to bring players of different games together.

At Casino Bernie, we do everything we can to make sure you’re kept up to date about the latest slot games and bonuses, so be sure to keep checking in on our slots pages. We list the most exciting games out now, the best ones coming out soon, and all the reputable and trustworthy casino sites that the games are hosted on.

How do they work?

Progressive slots add a percentage of every wager to the jackpot, and that jackpot remains in place until somebody wins it. When it’s won, it starts from scratch and grows larger as more people play.

There are different kinds of progressive jackpots. Local progressive games are strictly limited to one casino platform, whereas wide-area network progressives sometimes reach millions of dollars in jackpots by connecting to a number of different online casinos.

Find a new casino that offers a progressive jackpot like this, and you could win life-changing sums of money through slots.

The jackpot has hit again


How does enjoying all the latest games, the best bonuses, and exciting new features sound to you? That’s what’s in store when you play at the latest new online casinos. While the big players are still some of the best options for all-round gamers and people looking for a seamless experience, the new casinos offer something really special too.

We’ve looked at how you can get the best bonuses, the amazing jackpots on offer through progressive slots, and the fact that new casinos embrace new technology more quickly. We’ve looked at how we verify the best sites, and we’ve even looked step-by-step at how to choose the right casino for you.

Now, it’s time to use that knowledge and find a site that you love! Here at Casino Bernie, we believe in empowering you to make the right decisions and find casinos that suit your exact tastes. We give you the information you need to get out there and find casinos you love, but we also provide lists of reputable sites that we’ve already checked out for you.

We hope you’ll take what you’ve learned and apply it to your gaming every time you play! There are lots of great bonuses out there, and lots of new platforms to discover!

Frequently asked questions about New online casinos (FAQ)

How safe are new online casinos?

Very safe! That is, as long as you make sure they are licensed and registered. If you find the site on Casino Bernie, you know it’s safe.

Can all new casinos be played on iOS or Android?

Pretty much, yes. New casinos are at the very least designed to work on mobile browsers, and some will even have iOS and Android apps available on the respective app stores.

Are you new casinos list updated each month?

We update our new casino lists all the time, yes! Casino Bernie is one of the hottest resources for online gamblers, so we always work to make sure you’ve got the most up-to-date information.

How do I distinguish a new casino from an established one?

Casinos will usually tell you when they were established, but if they don’t, then it can be hard to tell. Check out our lists on Casino Bernie for definitive news on new casinos, or reach out to customer services if you can’t find the answers you need on their website (though you should, on their terms and conditions pages!)

Do new canadian online casinos offer no deposit bonuses?

Usually, yes! This is one of the most common bonuses offered at online casinos, so it would be surprising if the platform you choose doesn’t offer a great no deposit bonus when you sign up.

Can anyone open an online casino and get a gaming license from the gambling commission?

Yes, but they have to meet very strict guidelines. It’s not a quick and easy process, so you know any site that has obtained a license is legitimate and been designed and set up by dedicated professionals.

Can I via VPN disable IP-block to play?

This depends entirely on the platform you play on.

What precautions should before signing up at a new casino?

Always make sure it’s a reputable site. You can do that by checking if it is registered with your national gambling authorities, or by choosing a site from our lists here at Casino Bernie!

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Choosing the Best New Casinos

New Casinos are online casinos that were recently released on the market consisting of the most recent features. Opting for a new online casino offers you limitless opportunities to play new games, coupled with many other benefits. The benefits that new online casinos offer are quite fascinating. Let's consider the benefits of new online casinos below.

Benefits Of New Online Casinos
• New online casinos give you new opportunities of enjoying virtual gaming experiences. Technology keeps evolving every day, and new online casinos utilize the latest technologies and thus offer more efficient and advanced technologies. Apart from these, new casino owners always offer new casino games from top game providers just to ensure that they have a competitive advantage in the gambling market. Therefore, you'll always find fresh and different varieties of games on a new online casino.
• You will also enjoy more attractive and exclusive offers at new online casinos. Because these casinos are new in the industry, they tend to lure as many new customers as possible. This is possible by offering mouth-watering bonuses, free spins, and other casino promotions for existing customers. Online casino promotions are usually aimed at keeping existing customers at the casino.
• In addition to these bonuses offered by new online casinos, the wagering requirements of these bonuses are usually lower compared to other casinos. This benefits the casino by increasing the player base and benefits the player by giving them more chances to win.

Choosing the Best New Casinos
Since there are tons of new casinos available today, you will need to consider a few factors to determine the best option for you. This is because there are many fraudulent casinos posing as new casinos too. The following are a few areas to look into that will help streamline your options.
• Valid license
• Available Games
• Bonus offers
• Design and ease of use of the website
• Available Payment options, etc.

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