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Pay N Play Casinos

Pay N Play casinos allow you to dive into the exciting world of casino games lightning fast! Are you tired of waiting for your hard earned winnings day after day? Withdrawals are available in less than five minutes on these instant casinos! Read more

Play without registration

Have you already heard of the new technology called Pay N Play? This refers to online casinos, that do not require registration. The online casino market is developing and improving constantly – Pay N Play is a great example of that. This technology makes playing at online casinos much easier and more effortless. Many players, beginners and experienced gamblers alike, are attracted to Pay N Play casinos. They choose this new way of playing due to the convenience of not having to create an account. Let’s take a closer look and find out what Pay N Play is all about.

Pay N Play Trustly nettikasino

What is Pay N Play

Pay N Play is a technology developed by the finance service Trustly that allows you to spin slot machines almost instantly after arriving to a registration free casino. In a nut shell, everything the player has to do is to log in to the casino by securely using their own bank ID. Playing can commence instantly and effortlessly.

Once logged in, you start by making a deposit of your own choosing. Pay N Play aims to make playing as simple as possible, which benefits all parties and eliminates time consuming confirmations and other additional procedures. The payment system automatically registers users KYC -information (Know Your Customer) from the used Bank ID which makes transferring deposits and withdrawals painless.

Quick deposits and withdrawals

The virtual account created by the player is automatically saved in the casinos system, which ensures that you will never lose any wins or deposits. Direct connection to your bank account provides fast and easy transactions, in both ways. Soon you will forget those painful and long waiting times while trying to register to a casino. At Pay N Play casinos the deposits, as well as withdrawals, can be viewable in as short time as five minutes.

This new technology creates almost authentic casino experience, due to the convenience of it; player enters the casino, makes a deposit and leaves with the money deposited on their account. This experience can almost be compared to a game at a physical casino! I don’t know about you, but I am very into this new innovation!

How does Pay N Play work?

Okay, let’s stop babbling and get to it! If you are as convinced as Bernie and want to try playing without registration, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the most appealing Pay N Play casino from the list
  2. Click Play or Deposit
  3. Enter the desired deposit
  4. Select your own online banking system
  5. Log in with your Bank ID
  6. Start playing!

Who is behind Pay N Play?

Even though you’re using your own online banking details, the system is operated by Trustly, which surely is a known payment provider for most online casino players. Trustly introduced Pay N Play service at ICE which took place in London in 2018 and the interest from online casino professionals has kept increasing ever since. Since this service is fairly new, it can be expected that other payment providers will join the success and introduce their own versions of Pay N Play to online casino markets shortly.

Everyone’s favourite Ninja Casino was the first casino that did not require registration. Ninja has made Pay N Play known for the public and similar kind of casinos can be expected to enter the markets. CasinoBernie will stay tuned and update the list once we hear from new entrants!

Pay N Play benefits in conclusion:

Does not require registration
Familiar and 100% safe log in with your own Bank ID
Lightning fast transactions
Deposits and winnings can’t disappear mysteriously

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