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FAQ Bernie
Hello my friend!

I have noticed that some of my site’s visitors have questions about my site or the casinos. To help out I have made this section where I try to answer the most frequently asked questions.

I hope this FAQ will help you out, but if you do not find what you seek you are welcome to write to me on: support @

Sincerely yours,

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Common casino questions

I can’t login on the casino?

Remember, CasinoBernie is not a casino. I’m just Bernie and I love casinos and try to show the best casino offers on my site.

If you have trouble logging on to a casino site there can be different reasons why. Maybe you forgot your username or password, maybe there is a technical problem or maybe its something else. This is what I recommend you do:

  • Go to the casino where you have login problems
  • Find the help/customer support section
  • Contact the casino’s customer support. The customer support is trained to help players with exactly these kinds of problems.
  • Because CasinoBernie is not a casino, you cannot login on CasinoBernie and I cannot help out with issues regarding login/passwords on any specific casinos.

I have a problem with a bonus?

Remember, CasinoBernie is not a casino. I’m just Bernie and I love casinos and try to show the best casino offers on my site.

Sometimes bonus problems occur on online casinos and it can happen due to a variety of reasons. The most common reasons are:

  • You have not yet activated your bonus. Go to your account and see if you can activate it there
  • If you have free spins you may need to enter a specific game. Be sure you are in the right game and then the free spins may lie there waiting for you
  • You have not made a deposit yet. If it is a deposit bonus you need to deposit before the bonus is activated.

Usually it is simply a mistake that the casino will happily fix for you if you notice them about your problem. This is what CasinoBernie recommends you do if you have bonus problems:

  • Go to the casino where you have bonus problems
  • Find the help/customer support section
  • Contact the casino’s customer support. Most time the customer support is trained to help players with exactly these kinds of problems.
  • Because CasinoBernie is not a casino, I cannot help out with issues regarding bonuses on any specific casinos.

I can’t find the game I’m looking for?

Are you having trouble finding the game you are looking for? This is some of the things you can do to find it:

  • Make sure the casino of your choice has the game – Write the customer support’s live chat to ask them
  • Go to the games section. Often you can find a search box where you can search for specific games
  • If you still cannot find the game the casino probably doesn’t have the game you are looking for. In that case you either have to play a different game or choose another casino.

I can’t get the casino to work on my mobile phone/tablet?

If you have problems getting a casino to work on either you mobile phone or your tablet these are possible solutions:

  • Is there an App for the casino? Go to App Store/Google Play and search for the casino’s name and see if there is an app. Typically online casino apps are free and you can use your already existing username/password to login on the app.
  • If there is no app go to your mobile phone’s/tablet’s browser and go to the casino site. Many casino sites are mobile optimized.
  • If there is no app and the site is not optimized for mobile use the best solution is simply to choose a different casino if you want to play on mobile units.
  • Go to CasinoBernie, find a different casino of your liking and click on it.

I can't find the bonus rules?

Bonus terms and conditions are mandatory and have to be visible on the casino’s website. However, often the terms will be discreetly stocked away in the bottom of the bonus page, or you will need to click a button to find them. But they will always be there.

These bonus rules are the ones CasinoBernie thinks is most important:

  • The max bonus amount: Always be aware of what the maximum bonus is
  • The wagering requirement: How many times you need to wager your bonus before being able to make a withdrawal. The wagering requirements from bonus to bonus can vary widely. Wagering requirements can span between 0x and up to 50x or more. However, most wagering requirements are between 25x and 40x. For you as a player the lower the requirement the better because in the long run the house edge will take the bonuses. So the sooner you can play your money free the better.
  • The deadline for the bonus: Always be sure to notice how long you have to use your bonus before it disappears.
  • Minimum deposit: If you want a deposit bonus make sure your deposit is big enough to qualify you for the bonus.

Are the casinos on CasinoBernie safe?
Yes, all the casinos on CasinoBernie are licensed and reviewed to be trustworthy. If you want to know more about a specific casino go to the front page and read one or more of my casino reviews.

Who are we?

CasinoBernie is created with the desire to give casino players more value for money and make it easier to find safe and fun sites to play at. Bernie’s vision is to become the number one casino guide in the world. With the site translated into more than 7 languages and thousands of happy daily visitors, he’s already well on his way!

Bernies frequently asked questions

How does CasinoBernie work?

CasinoBernie is not a casino site in itself but a site that compares different casinos with each other. You can use CasinoBernie to get a quick overview of different bonuses/casinos without any hassle.
CasinoBernie earns money via affiliation when you use my links and start playing on a casino site. This helps cover the costs of running my site and is keeping the site content 100% free for users.
Bear in mind that CasinoBernie is and independent casino guide and strives to be objective. Therefore I present a lot of different casinos so you can make your choice based on as much info as possible.

Why use CasinoBernie?

CasinoBernie is a free service for anybody who wants to get a quick, simple overview over the best casino offers and bonuses.

I made CasinoBernie to make the casino market more transparent and user-friendly for my friends, the players.

I put a lot of effort in updating, innovating and developing my site. Therefore I appreciate it a lot if you help me by using my links. For you it will not make any difference at all if you use my links or if you visit the casino directly. But for us it makes a world of a difference and helps keep Bernie alive.

Thanks for your support!

How do I get help on CasinoBernie?
If you have any questions please look in our FAQ. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for there please contact CasinoBernie via mail on: support @
Is CasinoBernie an online casino?
No, CasinoBernie is a casino guide that provides info and reviews of online casinos. This site is made as a way for you to compare different casinos with each other and find the casino that suits your needs best.

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