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Greetings friends!

Since you’re on my site, I know you have questions regarding online casinos. To help you out as much as possible, I have made a list of the most common questions and answered them in a section on the website.

I am sure the Frequently asked questions page of CasinoBernie will meet your needs. For individuals with unique questions, please contact me through [email protected] for answers so you can start enjoying your favourite online casino games.

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Popular questions regarding online casinos

Error when logging in on the casino?

CasinoBernie is your go-to website when you need information on the best casino deals and platforms to play on. It isn’t an online casino operator.
Getting an error when trying to log in to your profile on an online casino can occur if you provide the wrong username or password for the account. Some casinos also experience technical issues from time to time that affects players. When you encounter login issues, you can do the following to resolve them:

  • Load the online casino website with log-in problems.
  • Get to the help section of the casino or open the live chat to reach contact support.
  • Explain your issue to the customer support team on the casino. A part of the tasks assigned to customer support on a casino is to solve player problems.
  • Don’t depend on CasinoBernie for a solution to your log-in issues. Problems like this that affect online casinos don’t apply to CasinoBernie since it is a comparison site.

Unable to claim my bonus

CasinoBernie is your favourite review site with information on high-quality bonuses from different casinos. It isn’t your online casino site.

There are times when casino bonuses, even those we recommend to players, may cause a few problems. These may be due to technical issues or from a mistake by the player. Here are some reasons why you may have this issue and tricks to solve them:• You didn’t take steps to activate the bonus. Some casino bonuses don’t activate automatically, so you need to find a way to do so manually. Start by checking your account dashboard for the feature to activate the bonus.

  • Looking for free spins on the wrong games. Online casinos provide free spins to players on specific games on their platforms. If you have a challenge finding the bonus, open the game the casino has listed, and your bonus may be available.
  • Unfunded casino account. If you don’t fund your casino account, you cannot claim deposit bonuses. Activate the bonus by depositing some money on the casino.
    Minor mistakes can make your bonus issues have a significant impact on your gaming experience. The casino will resolve your issue quickly if you let them know. Follow these steps to eliminate the issue:
  • Go to the online casino page.
  • Get yourself to the customer support page through the contact us or help section.
  • Make your complaint to the customer support team. Don’t worry about the technical aspects of your request; the customer support members are educated on how to solve this problem.
  • There is a limit to what CasinoBernie can do since it is not a casino operator. Following the steps above should get you positive results.

Finding specific games is an issue

Many players learn about certain games from casino game reviews. If you have read one of these, the next step is to find the game on an online casino. So, what if the game is not appearing on the casino? You can try the following:

  • Find out if the game you’re looking for is part of the casino collection. A live chat message to the customer support team of the casino is enough to get answers.
  • Go to the games page of the casino. Here, you will find a search bar on most online casinos. Type in the name of the game and search.
  • A game that isn’t available when you search may not be one of the games on the online casino. If this is the only game you want to play at the moment, you can check other online casinos. You can also try out other casino games.

It seems the casino doesn’t support tablets or mobile phones

There are very few casinos that don’t offer support for mobile devices. However, if you come across a casino that you’re unable to access with a tablet or phone, you can take these steps:

  • Search for the casino app. You can find this app on the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play store for Android devices. If the app is available, it is usually free to download and use. No need to create a new account since these apps accept desktop profile login credentials.
  • You can try visiting the casino with your mobile browser if the app is unavailable. The casino website should be optimized for mobile browsers, so this shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Some casinos lack a mobile app and fail to optimize their websites for mobile access. For mobile gaming, you will need to find a different casino to play on.
  • CasinoBernie isn’t a casino operator, but we do offer a list of many excellent casinos you can play on when using a mobile device.

I want to learn the bonus conditions, but I can’t find them

The bonus terms and conditions will be visible on the casino since the regulations make them compulsory for online casinos. Nonetheless, many new players may have issues finding these terms and conditions if a casino decides to hide them on the website. Knowing where to look can help.

You can check the bottom of the bonus page or go to the page dedicated to the bonus conditions on the casino to find them. When you see these conditions, take note of the following:

  • Minimum deposit: The is the lowest amount you must deposit to trigger the bonus. Be sure to confirm this amount before making your first deposit.
  • Maximum bonus amount: This is the maximum bonus credit the casino will give players, depending on how much you deposit on the casino.
  • Wagering requirement: This is a common condition on most bonuses, and it refers to the number of times you have to stake a bonus amount for it to be available as real money. Wagering requirements are usually available as numbers such as 10x, 20x, 65x, and so on. For a 25x wagering requirement, you must wager the bonus amount 25 times or the equivalent cash amount. Finding a smaller wagering requirement is an advantage.
  • Bonus Time limit: This is the period during which the casino bonus will be available. The casino will remove any bonus amount left after this period elapses.

Picking trustworthy casinos on CasinoBernie?

You shouldn’t worry about selecting a trustworthy casino when on CasinoBernie. All the casinos on our platform are safe, reliable, and licensed. If you come across an online casino that you want to learn more about, then you can open a review from the CasinoBernie home page.

Bernies frequently asked questions

Information on CasinoBernie

CasinoBernie is a site that offers casino comparisons to players. Bernie aims to become the top casino guide in the industry, and to achieve this vision, it provides safe websites, simple search features, and content to enhance the cost-benefit ratio of players. Thousands of visitors worldwide already have the first-hand experience of the CasinoBernie services, which is available in more than seven languages.

What makes CasinoBernie operations different from a casino?

  • CasinoBernie is a review site that offers comparisons of various online casinos. On its own, it isn’t a casino and doesn’t offer casino games. However, players can use the information on CasinoBernie to better understand what a specific casino provides without having to visit the casino.
  • Since CasinoBernie doesn’t earn money like a casino operator; it uses affiliation to generate revenue for its operations. Visitors who play on various online casinos using the links available on the CasinoBernie platform are supporting the casino. This is how content on the platform can remain free while the website remains operational.
  • CasinoBernie doesn’t let the affiliate part of its operations affect its reviews and comparisons. Players can still expect to find the highest standard of reviews and information that gives an honest opinion of the various casinos available.

Why get information from CasinoBernie?

For transparent and user-friendly information on online casinos, CasinoBernie is a great place to visit. The services are free and open to whoever needs a simple overview of the features a casino offers along with its bonuses.
CasinoBernie is a platform that is continuously evolving through regular content updates and renewal along with a site expansion. This evolution and growth of the site are only possible when players use the links on the site, which makes us very happy and appreciative. CasinoBernie only stays alive when you use our links to play on various casinos.
We are thankful for every bit of support!

I need to get support on CasinoBernie?

For support on CasinoBernie, you can get lots of information from our FAQ page. If the information on this page isn’t sufficient, then you can send a message to support @

What online casino games are available on CasinoBernie?

You can’t find casino games on CasinoBernie since it isn’t a casino. CasinoBernie is a casino comparison site that provides information that you can use in comparing the various features of different casinos when searching for one to play on.

Does CasinoBernie operate from a specific country?

Yes, CasinoBernie runs out of Copenhagen, Denmark. It also follows Danish law in its various operations.

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