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CasinoBernie is here for you! On this page, you’re going to be empowered at length on online casino games. And of course, keeping what the law demands in mind, Bernie will be handling strictly legal games. By the end of this article, you’ll be informed about the leading casino games online and even better be ready to secure your casino slots. Read on! Read more

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What Type of Casino Games Can You Play?

And just like they say, a casino is heaven, and with each moment you spend there, lots of activities are in store for you. My focus will be on slot games. For the amateurs, this is a chance for you to be enlightened on what the online casino front has in store for you. Stay with Bernie, and he’ll guide you through the Game casino process.

Moving forward, as a casino player, you ought to appreciate that gambling games involve both skill and chance. And for the skill games, the fact is, there’s a more or less right or wrong way to approach them, and this begs the question; where do you stand?
Polite reminder, it’s only a skill online poker game if you’re a skilled poker player, anything else would be banking on chance, and that’s a different casino play altogether. But not to worry for CasinoBernie is here for you!

When it comes to gambling, several, if not all, of the gaming software vary from casino to casino. And we both know, this will go ahead to dictate the game rules, payouts, and odds – however, not as much. A good practice is to go for online casinos that appreciate multiple casino gaming software and have gone further to incorporate them into their system.

Despite these democratic, Bernie has featured for you casino games to play and some with free slot games;

  • Table casino games, and just like the name suggests, they’re table gambling games. In this grouping, you’ll find casino games like; baccarat and blackjack online.
  • Slots; unlike the others, casino slot games are full of variations, and as many have christened it, it’s a game of chance. Are you down to stake on chance!
  • Poker; features are more or less the same as slot games
  • Ungrouped; in this, you’ll find several online casino games that have been captured in the other classifications. This includes; lottery, online roulette, keno, and bingo, to mention but a few.


What is the Best Casino Game?

And like I said earlier, Bernie is here to give you winning solutions to your casino gaming. Well, and to keep my word, here are top best casino games:

Blackjack Online

What are the odds of winning an online blackjack game? The blackjack is a game of skill as some would call it, and I happen to concur with that. But then again, with a smart play, you can stake wisely, and who knows, the odds might be on your favor. The thing with blackjack games, many gamblers are playing against the croupier with a winning intent.

The trick, however, the player whose hand will come closest to 21, bags the coins. Isn’t this luck? I’ll leave that for you to find out.
Not so fast with blackjack online. There are casino games for free available and some featuring blackjack. I’d rather you practice with that and get your hands oriented with the wheel before you place your bet.


Are you even playing casino if you’ve never played the red, black wheel online roulette? The gaming wheel is arranged in numbers ranging from 1 through to 36, and not to mention there’s a green 0. To win, your bet has to fall on either the red/black colors. This gets you a 50/50 winning chance, and that’s some chance you don’t just wake up to. What are you waiting for!

Best Game developers

It’s always good to know and familiarize yourself with your game providers. Well, here’s some of the outstanding casino game providers:


Top of the list is the iconic NetEnt, and as many would call it, the king of online gambling. You might be asking yourself why king. NetEnt has received several worldwide accolades and not to mention several awards and recognition for its notable works. There’s an excellent skill of design and advanced technology in NetEnt products. To mention a few of NetEnt online games, we have; the iconic Starburst, Staxx, and Guns N’ Roses.

Evolution Gaming

It offers the best live dealer casino games. This has accorded its pride and a great chance to be featured on several gambling websites worldwide.

Nolimit City

Much recognition comes from its client relationship. Their fantastic system platform offers instant response to its operators and players.


Can you beat the house?

If you’re playing casino for fun, you’re on the right track, but if your goal is paper chasing, then you ought to reconsider your options for the house always wins.
What are the odds you could win! Well, if you’d wish to pocket the coins, then you ought to play smart and get ahead of the house.

While at this, you need to keep in mind that casinos are programmed in favor of the house. To stand a better winning chance, Bernie recommends table games –craps, blackjack, and roulette, for their decent odds. However, they require some skill, and this takes practice, and in no time, you’ll be a pro player.

Licensed Casinos are the way forward

Stay legal; at least that’s the rule behind successful online casino games. Game at outlets licensed for that area. With CasinoBernie, I assure you of a proper license and fair game.

Place your Bet Today

What’s holding you back from staking your bet today? Secure your casino slots and play for fun. Stay sharp and always remember it can be a game of chance or skill, and that’s for you to decide.

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