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Ah, the lottery. One of the oldest forms of gambling out there – and maybe one of the coziest! Playing the lottery is simple enough, but there are a few things that are good to know. We are not only talking about real life lotto, but also online lotto, of course. We may even help you choose the right lotto numbers. So read on and learn more!


Poor Winning Odds at Lotto

While the lottery is probably the most widespread form of gambling, amazingly, it is also the one that has the slimmest chances of winning.

The odds for hitting the euro jackpot for example, are approximately 1 to 95 million! A Danish professor of statistics at once made a colorful example to illustrate just how microscopic your winning chances really are:

  • Imagine a high speed train going past a row of approximately 95 million 10 liter buckets placed next to the railroad
  • The buckets stand edge to edge and have a 30 cm diameter each. That equals approximately 28.000 km. of buckets!
  • The train goes at approximately 150 km per hour, and traveling past all the buckets will take almost 8 days. Somewhere within this timespan, you must throw a rock and hit exactly the right bucket!

Even though the chances are slim, a lot of players look for online lotto when choosing an online casino. The good thing about online lotto, is that you can try out your luck from the comfort of your own home.

Return to Player of lotto

It figures that hitting the big jackpot in the lottery isn’t going to be easy. You can’t hope for too many lesser winnings either: The average return to player of a lottery ticket can go as low as 40%!

This means that for every 100 dollar you use for buying lottery tickets, you can expect approximately 45 dollar returned to you. At best!

These are very poor odds in comparison to virtually all other kinds of casino games – especially blackjack where the return to player exceeds 99%!

Picking lotto numbers

Wouldn’t it be nice, if you knew the winning lotto numbers? Unfortunately, that is not possible. But are some lotto numbers better than others? No. All numbers have equal winning chances in lotto, so it doesn’t matter which one you pick. There are several different ways of going about it: Some pick their birthday or their lucky number, others travl through the whole number sheet systematically, number after number.

Some lotteries also offer to systematically go through all numbers via an automatic system that chooses for you every week or month.

Whether you trust in luck or go about it systematically, the winning odds are the same – no such thing as better lotto numbers. So do what you feel and have fun! There are many online casinos that offer online lotto.

Can you maximize your winning chances in the lottery?

If you’re like me, then you will always look for a way to get better chances to win. But really, the lottery is totally random so there are none.

You could of course buy more lottery tickets – or throw more rocks, if we stick to the above analogy. However, keep in mind that the chances of hitting jackpot will remain the same for each lottery ticket.

However, you might say there is a way of optimizing your play, though this may be somewhat different from what you imagined!

The quirky way of increasing your winning chances is to bet at six numbers in a row or another kind of combination that nobody else would believe to be possible. That way, you know that you will have the jackpot for yourself!

Summing up on lotto

The house always wins when it comes to gambling, but in the case of the lottery, the return to player is absolutely horrific. If I were you, I’d rather try my luck on an online casino! Go to the front page to see my list of safe and regulated casinos and find a good welcome bonus!

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