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I’m a huge fan of slots machines, and that’s why I’ve decided to make this page where I explain everything there is to know about all slot games. Slot games are the easiest casino games to use by far, and you don’t need to know a lot about them to get started. However, there are certain details that are nice to consider! Read all about online slots games right here. Read more

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Can you beat the slot machines?

Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but all slots casino games are designed to create profit for the online casinos in the long run, so beating the slots will be quite difficult. Impossible, actually!

In the old days when all slots were mechanical, the most daring of people actually had certain means of bypassing the system of the slot machines and cashing out jackpots. With present day technology, however, potential thieves don’t stand much of a chance.

All slots today work via small mathematical miracles called “Random Number Generators”. These ensure that it’s totally and utterly unpredictable when a slot machine is going to pay out – not even the casinos know when a slot machine is going to spit out a jackpot!

As you can probably guess, Random Number Generators makes it quite impossible to beat the slots. Anybody who say they can help you beat the slots or other casino games are in the wrong, chances are they are trying to trick you out of money by selling some rubbish book or a hoaxy computer software. Beware, and use my site instead to get the real knowledge!

4 ways to maximize your winning chances on the slots!

online slots

Even though the odds of the slots will always favor the casino, there are certainly ways to maximize your winnings and get more bang for your buck! Here is some of my best advice for optimal slots play!

1) Look for pay out percentages (Return to Player)

online slots

If you wish to maximize your winning chances, theoretical pay out percentage, return to player or just RTP is the name of the game. RTP is the opposite of house edge – how many percent of your money the casino keeps on an average.

Often slot machines will have a payout percentage on between 95-97%, which is actually quite low in regard to casino games in general, but still a lot higher than games such as Keno, lottery or scratch cards.

You can always find information about the return to player of a slot machine in the menu of the game. In fact, the casinos are required by law to make this information available to you!

2) Read professional slot reviews

online slots

It can be really confusing to maneuver between all the exciting new games and casinos that are out there. So many opportunities to play! All slots have different advantages and disadvantages. To help players like you make the right choice was the reason I created Casino Bernie in the first place. Gambling should be simple and fun!

Here at my site, you can read professional reviews of slot machines with free spins. These will inform you about RTP, bonus functions, level of volatility, and all else that is worth knowing about a slot game before you start putting money into it.

Reading a professionally written review is a great way to get an idea about whether a slot is your cup of tea or not.

3) Keep a budget

online slots

Handling your money is an essential part of living a happy and successful life, and nowhere is it as important as in gambling!

When I’m in the middle of a really exciting play session I can easily get carried away, so I have a rule of thumb that I humbly stick to: Before I start to gamble, I set a fixed budget, and I never exceed it. I tell myself: “Okay, I got this amount of cash; this is my chance.” And when the money is spent, I know it’s time to quit and call it a night!

4) Cash in smaller winnings

online slots

Besides sticking to a gambling budget, something that will really boost both your profits and level of enjoyment is to stop hunting the big jackpot in every gambling session. If you let yourself content with minor winnings and cash out instead of just wagering it all again, you will find the game much more psychologically rewarding, and you will certainly also maintain a healthier bankroll. Keep in mind that the longer you play, the more likely you are to lose!

Slot strategies

All slot machines are so random! You can be sure that there’s no strategy out there that can ensure you more wins or higher payout. Never the less, it can add a lot of excitement to your game play if you employ strategies!

The slot provider Elk Entertainment has made multiple pre-programmed strategies available in their games, so that you don’t have to do anything manually to employ a slots strategy – you can just choose which one you like, hit the auto play button and let it roll!

Elk hasn’t just created these strategies according to their own preferences. Rather, they have studied the habits of thousands of regular users of their machines, and from this created strategies that mimic player behavior. That’s why, Elk Entertainments built-in strategy settings contain some of the most popular strategies for slot players – and naturally you don’t have to play on Elks slot games to use them.

The four strategy programs found in Elks slot machines are:

online slots

Optimizer: Here you regulate the percentage amount of your total gaming budget, from 1-6% percent. The formula of this strategy is like this: 2-1-2-3-3-3-5-6. Afterwards, you simply run the cycle again.


Leveller: In this strategy you will double your bet after five consecutive losses. If you get a win, you start over.

online slots

Booster: In the booster strategy, you raise your bet by one step after a loss till you reach 4 times your original bet. If you win, you start over.

online slots

Jumper: In this strategy, you will increase your wager a level for every win until you reach four steps above your original wager. The rhythm will reset after a loss.

I personally like varying my wagers between rounds, because I feel it is very rare that I get two wins in a row. I generally play with a much lower wager for 4 or 5 rounds after I’ve had a significant win, and then make a couple of larger wagers again. In this manner, my strategy of choice reminds a little bit of the leveler strategy above.

Sometimes, I also find it exciting to make a really large wager just for kicks. I know the odds for succeeding is low, but it is such rush when I succeed!

Are online slots safe

Back when I started playing online, I was quite anxious about safety, but a lot of online adventures and several wins later, I’ve come to realize that playing slots online can be very safe if you choose the proper places.

Regarding the slot games themselves, they are subject to a lot of independent tests and regulations prior to being made available for the players. You can rest assured that they keep what they promise and nothing more!

Contrary to what some people may think, it is not the online casino that owns the games. Most times, it is independent gaming providers that produce the slots, and then lease them out to all the various casino sites. This means that the casinos have no access to the mechanics of a game, and they cannot change the payout percentage, nor decide who is winning or losing.

A slot game will always be the same and have the same odds of winning, no matter where you play it! Therefore, as long as you choose games from trusted providers such as Netent, Play n Go, IGT, Betsoft or Elk Studios, you can rest assured that you will receive the same thrilling gaming action every time you play.

Advantages of playing slots online

Some people are skeptical about playing the slots online instead of in a physical casino. They don’t think that online slots can provide the same thrill that slot games in a physical casino can. I totally disagree!

Not only can you get a real kick from slots on your computer or mobile device, there are also multiple advantages to playing online rather than heading to your local casino or gambling parlor next time you wanna take a chance.

So, to all the online slot skeptics out there, here are my 5 best reasons for playing slots online rather than at physical casinos:

1. Higher payouts: Slots online in general have higher payouts than slots in a gambling parlor or at a casino. Most online slots have a +96% payout, which is really generous especially in comparison to slots at smaller gambling parlors or bars. Some online slots go as high as 98% payout!

2. Play comfortably from your own home: No need to get out of bed. With online slots you can play in your pajamas for as long or short duration as you wish.

3. Try the games for free: More often than not, it is possible to try the online slot games in demo versions where you don’t have to spend any money. This is great, as it gives you a chance to feel out the game before you put money in it. In a ”real” casino, you pretty much just have to hope that you like the game!

4. No extra expenses: If you go to a real casino there will always be a few unforeseen extras: You have to pay for parking your car. You have to pay the entrance fee. It’s also customary to give combs to the staff if you win. At an online casino, sign up is free, credit card fees are minimal, and there’s no kind of hidden extra expenses. Seen from an economical standpoint, online casinos are a much better deal than real casinos and gambling parlors!

5. Better game selection: Computers are fantastic and can store almost unlimited amounts of information. In a real casino, there is only so much physical space for gambling machines, but at online casinos there is virtually unlimited amount of storage room. This means more games readily available – and zero queues for the good machines!

The Bernie slots hall of fame!

Volatility of games

online slots

The higher the return to player, the better your winning changes. However, you can’t judge a game by its payout percentage alone. What is often called the volatility of the game is also very important!

Volatility is a term that denotes the portions in which the game breaks up the return to the player. Think about this: If a game simply spit out 97% every time you put in a wager, it would be quite a boring game, wouldn’t it? I think so!

Since a game that merely paid back its designated RTP with every wager would be totally uninteresting, all casino games arrange payouts in unequal portions.

Some games pay out many small portions, while some pay out only a few, huge portions. Blackjack would be an example of a game with low volatility since most of the time you will simply double your money unless you are really lucky and get a blackjack! Divine Fortune from NetEnt would on the other hand be an example of a game with very high volatility, since how it won’t cash out very often, but if it does it may pay back many thousand times your wager if you hit the jackpot.

Unlike RTP, casinos or slot manufacturers aren’t required to provide the player with information about the volatility of the game and they rarely do.

If you want to get an idea about how volatile a slot is, it is always a good idea to try it in its demo version first. Not all slots have this feature, but most do. It can also be really helpful to read a professional review of the game. I will say more about this below.

The biggest slot win ever

Some people are luckier than others. A 25-year-old software engineer from Los Angeles became the luckiest slot player in history, when in 2003 he won a jackpot of USD 39,710,826.36 (Around 33,2 million EUR) on a spin for 100 USD. Wonder what he may have felt liked afterwards. Probably quite shocked, no?

The humungous jackpot was attained at one of the notorious MegaBucks slot machines and took place at the Excalibur resort in Las Vegas. The MegaBucks is a progressive jackpot that is shared on a huge network of machines across the world, but I wonder anyway if the owners of the Excalibur did not feel a tiny little sting of worry about having to hand out such a huge amount of money to one of their players!

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