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Currently Blackjack the Cat is obsessed with this new online slot called ASTROCAT. He is not only interested in the fact that the slot involves a cat, but also the endless possibilities of winning. Actually, this slot has no less than 1296 ways to win!
astrocat casinobernie

Takes You to Another Dimension

ASTROCAT takes you to another dimension of the Casinoworld. When you start playing the slot, you will find yourself in an imaginary world located somewhere between space and China. All the symbols are designed in a traditional Chinese way, while the background and title are inspired by space. This whole dimension takes you to an enchanted world that feels like a dream!

The background music also has a comforting and enchanting style, which helps you stay in the dreamy mindset. Trust Blackjack the Cat, this is the real online slot experience.

Great Chances of Winning

The biggest reel on the Astro Cat slot has 16 chances which makes it more likely to win the big pool! If you manage to lock 12 WILD CAT in, you will release a MEGASPIN!

There is also a possibility for you to release the BONUS jackpot game, which you can achieve through the Scatter symbols. As you can see, the possibilities of winning are quite many!

The theoretical pay-out percentage of the slot is an impressive 95,44 % which is one of the reasons why Blackjack the cat loves this slot so much. It has all the adventure you can dream of plus major possibilities of winning!

Oh, and of course the game comes with an autoplay function so that you can send the Chinese cat to space without moving a finger.

astrocat casinobernie

Try ASTROCAT for free at LeoVegas

At LeoVegas You can always try the demo version of this slot before throwing yourself into something, you are not entirely sure, you like. ASTROCAT is also available at many other casinos, but we strongly recommend that you choose this Casino, because they have a great bonus that works with IGT slots. This way, you will be able to play longer, and get more chances of winning!

Blackjack hopes you will enjoy the AstroCat game – we’re quite sure this slot will reach the hall of fame!

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