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Online Paypal Casinos – Find brand new paypal casinos in 2022

Hello, friend! Are you in search of a PayPal Casino to put your spare quids to use but don’t know the first place to look? You have come to the right place. Being a PayPal user myself, I was also on the look out for PayPal casinos to use. Luckily for me, I was able to uncover a whole lot of them and also learnt some vital information about them. Since we’re close friends, I’ll like to reveal everything I discovered to you.Sit back, get comfortable, and keep reading this guide. You’ll learn brand new stuff that would aid your gambling adventure.

Best PayPal Casinos

I consider these casinos – given their reputation and positive feedbacks – to be the best among the competition. They are fast at approving payouts, and there are hardly any hiccups when you make deposits via PayPal on their platforms.
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What is a PayPal casino exactly?

PayPal Casinos are like the holy grail of the online gambling world; They’re a bit hard to come by, but when you do, they’re often worth the hunt. A PayPal Casino is basically an online casino that supports deposits and withdrawals through giant payment processor, PayPal. Using this type of payment method on an online Casinos means that PayPal will serve as an intermediary. It will be the merchant which facilitates the payments you make on your preferred online casino. Be it a deposit or a withdrawal. As a result, you don’t have to directly use your banking or credit card details. And that’s why PayPal has got your back by facilitating your transactions on an online casino for you.

The ease offered by PayPal makes it a payment option worth considering. PayPal is actually one of the most widely accepted and used form of payment on any online casinos. If you don’t have complete trust in the online casino of your choice and you’re wary of using your banking details or credit card directly, guess who comes to the rescue? PayPal, of course! PayPal is the number one choice for the security conscious. With PayPal, you’re under no obligation to directly use your credit card or banking details if you don’t want to. To sum it up – PayPal casinos re reliable, safe, and secure.

Guide: How to make online casino PayPal deposits

When you hear about a payment method that makes the transfer of real money easy, secure and fast, most of the time, PayPal is the subject of discussion. Fortunately for online gamblers, PayPal can also facilitate the transfer of money into your online casino account in no time. Compared to other options available on online casinos, unnecessary delays when sending payments is non-existent with PayPal. To get started, all you need to do is to browse through our list of casino online PayPal sites to find the most suitable one for you. Once you find it, go ahead and make your deposit. The steps outlined below will sum up the whole process for you.
Estimated time needed: 00:08 Tools needed: Mobilephone Supply needed: TimeMoney
casinobernie check out the payment methods
Check our list to pick a PayPal casino Choose a PayPal deposit casino from our list and sign up. Go to the cashier page and pick PayPal as your payment option. Step 1
Signify the amount you want to fund your account with In the space provided, input the cash amount you want to deposit and click submit. Step 2
verify neteller as payment method
Verify transfer on PayPal Soon you will be redirected to the PayPal website. There, you will need to log in to your account and confirm the transfer. Return to your chosen online casino PayPal and enjoy your favourite games. Step 3

New PayPal casinos in April 2022

Don’t have a PayPal account? – How to sign up:

PayPal is a popular brand in the financial services industry. It played a vital role in making electronic digital currency services available to millions of people worldwide. Today, the gambling industry has joined this train. Majority of players prefer the services of PayPal because it is safe and reliable. It also eliminates the possibility of financial delays or setbacks during gambling. For these reasons and more, we always advise players who are yet to open a PayPal account to do so because its benefits are numerous. To open one, simply follow these guidelines:

  1. Step: Go to the browser of your device and type in to visit the site. On the website, click “Sign Up for Free.”
  2. Step: During your sign up process, you will be asked to present personal details that will be used to set up your account. Some of them include your full name, a valid email address, a secure password and your phone number.
  3. Step: Confirm that you have read the terms and conditions and you agree to them by checking the box. Afterwards, click on “Agree and Create Account.”
  4. Step: At this point, you’ll be required to verify that you own the phone number you provided. To do so, a security code would be sent to the number and you’ll need to input it. Once done, you now own a PayPal account.

paypal payment methods

Why use Paypal at online casinos?

Using Paypal as your preferred method of payment at an online casino comes with loads of advantages. PayPal is renowned for its high level of safety which stems from the European banking license. In addition to this, the best encryption technology is employed by the company to keep your money far from the reach of fraudsters.
Gamblers also enjoy their anonymity. For players who love to gamble without their identity revealed, PayPal provides that for them. With PayPal, you can withdraw and deposit money at an online casino as often as you wish and your identity will remain private.
What about delays? It’s non-existent with PayPal. Knowing that time is of the essence, PayPal ensures your deposits and withdrawals reflect instantly in your casino account. Furthermore, payments carried out with the service are free. There are no hidden charges, as is the case with other banking options. Despite being a leader in the financial services business, PayPal is not as complicated as you might imagine. It is user-friendly and has simplified all its processes, from sign up to withdrawals and deposits. Punters don’t need advanced technical know-how to figure out PayPal. The site is self-explanatory and will give you the best payment support in your online gambling. Generally speaking, PayPal tick all the right boxes.

Pros & Cons: Using PayPal at Online casinos

The use of PayPal at online casinos have made things a lot easier for everybody. Those days of having to wait for hours to have your deposits and withdrawals processed are way behind us. PayPal now ensure payments on online casinos are processed in seconds. Aside from PayPal's unparalleled security and fast transfers, it is also compatible with lots of credit cards, which means players from most parts of the world can enjoy its services without restriction. But as hard as it may sound, PayPal has some flaws. After all, there is no perfect system anywhere. To appropriately determine if PayPal is a perfect fit for you, it is important to know its lapses. Listed below are some main advantages and disadvantages of using PayPal in an online casino.



  • Ease of Use
  • Free Transactions at Most Casinos
  • Compatible with Different Devices
  • It is Highly Encrypted
  • Fast Transactions Every time


  • Some Casinos Impose Withdrawal Fees
  • Unavailable in Some Countries
  • Some Casinos Don't Accept PayPal
  • Some Bonuses are Excluded From PayPal Users

Alternatives: Other casino deposits methods than PayPal

While PayPal has continued to top the charts as the best payment method on online casinos, there are still other giant payment processors that are worth trying. If you’re searching for a suitable Paypal replacement or alternative, then you should consider any of the following:


Neteller has successfully etched its name as one of the most reliable payment processors in the e-wallet industry. It is rare to find an online casino that does not support Neteller, thanks to the reliability and security it provides. Over the years, gamblers have enjoyed some of the best financial services in the industry from Neteller. This includes fast funds transfer, phenomenal security and fast payouts.


Only a few payment options can boast of having the patronage Skrill enjoys from the online gambling community. This didn’t occur by chance, it’s simply a response to its safe, quick and convenient method of money transfer on online casinos. Skrill is widely known for keeping the personal data of its users safe, as well as providing them with swift payouts.


Paysafecard has been recognised by both online casinos and gamblers world over as a leading prepaid payment solution. Due to the high level of trust it has inspired in gamblers, they make use of it for deposits in online casinos. In fact, Paysafecard is probably the most supported prepaid card in the entire online casino industry.

Pay by Phone bill

This encapsulates various mobile payment companies like Zimpler, Boku and Payforit. They provide a level of ease for punters by helping them pay for their gambling via their cell phone. In fact, gamblers can use this payment option to play games on credit and the cost will be charged to the phone bill of the player.

PayPal Slots & Live Casino

Not many slots and live online casinos offer PayPal as a payment option for use. But in spite of its difficulty level, CasinoBernie has found some of them for you. These casinos are, no doubt, on their way to conquering the punting world. Such a combination brings the most advanced slot machines and the ever enthralling world of live games onto one platform, while PayPal oversees the safety and security of transactions carried out by punters.

Is PayPal Safe and Secure?

PayPal casino sites do not experience the security challenges of others. The presence of PayPal as a banking method on a particular site means that your money and personal details are risk-free. All transactions are backed with end-to-end encryption. In addition to that, your bank or card details won’t fall into unauthorised hands. But how does PayPal Casinos achieve all this, you might ask? Simple. Players are required to go through a number of verification processes before payment requests are approved. This means that the wrong transaction will be blocked if an attempt is made. PayPal also sends an OTP to verify a transaction. The message is either sent to your email address or mobile number. Whenever you receive an OTP that was not engineered by you, then that’s a red flag, and proper steps can be taken to secure your account. All this goes to show the length an online PayPal casino is willing to go to make your financial dealings safe and secure.

Slot - Take your chances!

Not All Casinos Accept PayPal

With all that has been discussed, it is however worth noting that not all online casinos accept PayPal as a method of payment. If you’re an avid punter, you must have already noticed that PayPal payment option can be still missing from some online casinos. This can happen for example as a result of government interference as in some states the authorities want to restrict the use of PayPal in online casinos within its jurisdiction. This, without saying can have a negative impact as both players and online casinos were affected. Luckily there are similar payment methods to PayPal available, which allows transactions to casinos take place smoothly.

The good news is that for you, the option of PayPal as a payment method is still open. That is why we compiled an updated list of the best performing online casinos that support PayPal. Browse through our list and pick the perfect casino for you.

PayPal Casinos Conclusion

One of the primary features an online casino should possess is quick and secure payment options. PayPal ranks up in that area as the best banking method any punter can use. By making PayPal your preferred banking method, you have nothing to worry about concerning your finances and transactions. Not a quid more than you have to pay will be charged from your account. Gambling at a PayPal casino has never been this exciting. You get to enjoy top games like slots, roulette, video poker, blackjack, live casino and a host of others. They all come with outstanding graphics, real-world gambling atmosphere – for live casinos and an excellent sound quality. So, if you want your online gambling to be at the best PayPal casinos the industry has to offer, then don’t search farther than CasinoBernie. We have prepared a list of PayPal Casinos that will make your game-play safe and fun-filled. Go through our list, choose an online casino of your choice and start playing today!

PayPal Casinos: Your questions answered (FAQ)

I don’t have a PayPal Account - how do I create a one?

Creating a PayPal account is pretty straightforward. Go to and register for an account free of charge. You will be asked to provide basic information about yourself, along with a valid email address and phone number, which will be used to set up your account. All this won't take more than a few minutes and any device can be used for the registration.

Are there any fees associated when using PayPal for Casino deposits?

Generally speaking, you won't be charged any fees when making deposits at an online casino with PayPal. But this doesn't mean the casino cannot enforce such charges―though this rarely happens anyway. So endeavour to check the casino's T&C to know what their stand on the matter is.

Is there a limit to how much can I withdraw and deposit?

The limit you're allowed to deposit or withdraw is entirely up to the online casino site. The first place we advise you to start looking for answers is in the terms and conditions of the casino, under the payments section. If you don’t find any useful information concerning that, then feel free to contact the customer support.

Are PayPal Casinos safe?

Absolutely! There are very few payment options that can match the protection offered by PayPal. PayPal casinos are secure for online gambling due to its round the clock anti-fraud and encryption technology used to keep your information safe. In addition, PayPal uses an extensive verification protocol to ascertain your identity. Meaning that no one will be able to carry out transactions without your permission.

What are the payout times with PayPal

Around 0-5 minutes at most. However, the entire payout process varies from casino to casino. The particular online casino that you're dealing with will determine when you’ll receive payments.

Can I get any exclusive PayPal casino bonuses?

Of course, but bear in mind that it is not set in stone. Meaning that the casino reserves the right to deny you Paypal bonuses. Just as other payment methods are excluded from certain bonuses, PayPal is not immune to such occurrence. However, to determine this, check out the terms and conditions of the online casino you’re playing at.

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Registering on PayPal Casinos for Easy Payments

The ease of depositing and withdrawing funds from your online casino account is essential when picking a casino. Many payment options offer this feature, and PayPal payments are one of the easiest to use.
To register on PayPal Casinos, you need to set up a PayPal account. To do this, you need to register on the PayPal platform, provide your bank details, fund the account, and wait for a confirmation. Once this is done, you can play your favourite games on PayPal Casinos.
When using the PayPal payment gateway, you can deposit and also withdraw from the casino. An excellent feature of PayPal is that you can use the funds for other online transactions when necessary. You won't be setting it up solely for the PayPal Casinos.
Fees on PayPal Casinos
Performing any transaction on a PayPal casino usually doesn't cost anything; however, there is often a fee that PayPal imposes on withdrawals. A benefit you get when using this payment option is that transactions are instant.
Minor issue players may face is that there are few PayPal Casinos available online. This becomes apparent when you perform a comparison to Neteller casinos and others.
Playing on New PayPal Casinos
Finding a new PayPal casino is good news for a player. This means you get one of the fastest payment options right from the start. Also, some excellent bonuses are unique to PayPal Casinos.
The payment is easy to use, and if you have issues, you can reach out to the support team. The PayPal support team is very effective, and they resolve issues with accounts swiftly. Ensure you don't breach any of the terms and conditions set by the platform if you don't want to lose your account.

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