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Responsible Gambling

At CasinoBernie we advocate responsible gambling. We believe that casino games should be enjoyed in moderation, as with other forms of stimulants.

For the majority of adults, occasional gambling is harmless, but for a small group of people, online gambling can become hazardous. If you are concerned about the gambling behavior of you or a loved one, you should seek counseling and/or treatment.

You can prevent problem gambling by evaluating your gambling behavior on a regular basis and taking general precautions. Below you can find some advice for responsible gambling.

Bernie’s top 6 advice for responsible gambling

People have different incomes as well as different lifestyles. Overall, however, there are some principles that all who engage in online gambling would be wise to follow.

1: Know what you are gambling with


You should be gambling to relax and have a good time. Don’t go to the casino while feeling angry or agitated – and never gamble while affected by alcohol or drugs.

2. Stick to a budget


The key to more wins and less worry is to set a budget before starting to gamble. Bring a realistic amount to the table and call it a night when the money is finished.

3. Remember that the house always wins


It’s a thrill when you win, but it won’t always happen that way. The mathematical advantage of a casino game is always on the house, so have fun and prepare for losses.

4. Set a time limit


In the same way that you should stick to a budget, you should also set a time limit to your gambling sessions. When gambling, time can fly!

5. Take a break


At times one can feel sucked in by gambling, so much so that it takes focus. There are several opportunities to block yourself from online gambling sites for longer or shorter periods of time, depending on your needs. Take a pause and return in good spirit.

6. Seek counseling


If you are worried about the gambling behaviour of yourself or a loved one, you can seek counseling through the customer service of most online casinos, or by contacting a gambling therapy. It is also possible to take online tests to give you an overview of your gambling behaviour.

Compulsive gambling can be treated!

Compulsive gambling is a medicinal disorder, and it can be treated. If you feel that your gambling has got out of hand, we recommend that you establish contact with an organization who offer counseling and/or treatment in your country or region. You may also discover treatment options by contacting the customer agents of your preferred online casino. Please note that the customer service at CasinoBernie is not trained to assist with matters pertained to problem gambling.

CasinoBernie and problem gambling

CasinoBernie is not a casino, but an affiliate site promoting a number of online casinos with whom we collaborate. CasinoBernie does not have access to customer data from the casinos, and as such have no means of determining the gambling behavior of our users or taking precautions against problem gamblers.

We apologize for any marketing that may reach anyone affected by problem gambling. We ask that you unsubscribe manually, as we cannot know to which of our marketing channels you are exposed. We respect your right to privacy and promise that you will receive no further marketing from us after you have unsubscribed from our channels.

Please note that there can be a 24-hour delay gap from the time you unsubscribe till you stop receiving marketing.

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