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Hello there, how’s it going? I heard you are on a journey, searching for the unblemished casino bonus, aren’t you? Well, it’s great you’ve met me – I am the perfect candidate to help you!

Let me introduce myself as Bernie. I can teach you how to find the best online casino bonus for you. If you just take a look at my list of top 5 casino bonus right here!

Top 5 casino bonus offers

0 Deposit + 0 Free Spins
200 £ + 100 Free Spins
0 Deposit + 0 Free Spins
300 £ + 0 Free Spins
50 £ + 50 Free Spins

What is a casino bonus?

A casino bonus is an offer giving players additional benefits after selecting a game or a casino. The additional offers can come in the form of extra cash amounts to play with, free spins for online slots, free rounds, or loyalty programs, among others. Many casinos pride in their casino bonuses as they call and retain customers.

3 steps to claim your casino bonus

Claiming a bonus in a casino is a simple affair. By following these simple steps, you can get your bonus credited to your account within a short period.
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step 1

Sign up

Select a casino online and register. Sign in and activate your casino account by depositing into your casino. Step 1

Select bonus

Select the welcome bonus or any other online casino bonus the casino offers. There will be a claim casino query with a yes and no answer. Step 2
step 3


Play using the best casino bonus UK at any given time. Enjoy different games using casino offers. Step 3

Newest UK Casinos

What to expect from a casino bonus

Luckily you can expect a lot from a great casino bonus. The bonus can either consist of free spins or promise bonus money, and grants you an amazing deal, so you can be at the forefront of the game!

Most casinos offer you a casino bonus which you can grab without any remorse. Even though bonuses can’t necessarily be equated with better winnings, you can still decide for yourself how much it’s worth.

Usually a bonus is linked to certain wagering requirements, and it is important to meticulously go through the bonus’ terms and conditions as they may contain important information for you. Or are you familiar with the payouts associated with a casino bonus in any online casino?

Popular types of casino bonuses

Every casino offers a variety of bonuses that differ in one way or another. Some of the benefits are similar such as that offered as a welcome bonus. Even though the percentages from one casino to another vary, the terms are almost similar. However, you must take a look at the differences and understand the terms before accepting any type of bonus the casino offers.

Welcome bonus

A welcome bonus is one of the most popular casino bonuses available on the gambling world today. The offer is only for new clients or players registering and signing up with a casino. It may be in the form of free spins or a percentage amount of cash added to the amount you make as a first deposit. Most casinos offer a 100% or 200% deposit bonus in the UK.

Free spins bonus

Free spins often are the best casino bonuses provided to new and regular players. They offer a chance to try your luck on different online slots games more than once. A free spin bonus comes with an extension of which games they apply to.
For instance, a casino is offering 25 free spin bonus for joining the casino applicable only on the Thunderstruck slot game online. If you claim the bonus, you get 25 free spins on the game.

No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus means that you get to play without depositing into your casino account. Once you register, many casino accounts require you to deposit a specific amount of money to the casino to claim a bonus. The deposit condition in a no deposit bonus becomes void.
For instance, you desire to play baccarat online with a casino offering a no deposit welcome bonus attached to the game. Register a casino account and sign in, claim the gift, and the go-ahead to play the game without making a deposit.

Deposit match bonus

Deposit match bonus varies in percentages and maximum amounts from one casino to another. A match bonus is one that offers a percentage of the amount of deposit you make at a go into your casino account. It allows you to play online using an extra amount of money.
For instance, a casino offering a 100% deposit match bonus will provide a 100% more of what you deposit. A deposit of £50 will earn you extra £50. Therefore, you will have £100 in your casino account to play any game of your choice online.

• 200% deposit bonus – A 200% casino bonus UK will offer 200% more of your casino deposit amount. If you deposit £50, you get an extra £100. Therefore, you will have £150 in your casino account.
• 300% deposit bonus – A 300% deposit bonus the UK offers you £150 on your initial £50 deposit.
• 400% deposit bonus – A 400% deposit bonus the UK gives £200 more on your initial £50 deposit to the casino
• 500% deposit bonus – A 500% deposit bonus UK means you receive 250 dollars more on your initial £50 deposit.

Free cash bonus

Sometimes, casino’s take it upon themselves to offer their players cash-based bonuses. A cash bonus is where the casino offers extra playing cash to a player. Cash bonuses apply to different casino games i.e.; you can wager any amount on any game using your cash bonus at the casino. However, cash bonuses are not many and often available to loyal players or as a gift to the best player or client in a competition.

Loyalty bonus

A loyalty bonus is the most special and unique bonus offered to players. A loyalty bonus, as the name suggests, is an offer for regularly playing on the casino. It might indicate the most faithful and regular players for the casino, or the most signups and gameplays for a player.
Loyalty bonus comes in the form of cash bonuses, free spins, point accumulations, or even casino loyalty clubs. Most of these awards have different loyalty levels, with each offering unique loyalty bonuses.

High Roller bonus

High roller bonuses are for players wagering or playing with huge amounts of money at a go and regularly. A high roller is a player who spends a lot of money on a single gambling session in a casino. The high rollers receive specialized bonus packages, including loyalty bonuses or preferential treatment, such as having a personalized bankroll manager from the casino.

Referral bonus

A referral bonus is one that a regular player receives from a casino for giving a reference to another player. For instance, as a regular member, you offer advice for a new player such as your friend to join your casino. Once they register and sign in to the casino, you receive a referral bonus from that single new registration. Referral bonuses vary in terms of percentage and from one casino to the other.

casino bonus

Pros & Cons: Should I take the casino bonus?

Selecting a casino bonus is complex. One has to examine all the terms and conditions of the bonus. Be sure to look at the wagering requirements to determine how much you have to wager before claiming any profits from the casino. Also, look at its validity and the percentage that each casino is offering. Do not forget the casino games available for you to play using the bonus might play a role in the bonus options you claim.



  • Offer more chances of garnering a win.
  • A better game acquaintance in the case of free spins.
  • Improved gameplay abilities especially with no deposit casino bonuses.
  • Offers a proper incentive to try playing online once again.


  • Can increase gambling addiction for individuals.
  • Have hidden terms and conditions that players often ignore and suffer hugely loses afterward.
  • Come attached to specific games that might not be interesting for you to play.
  • Some require your deposit amount or play continuously to claim to add onto your gambling needs.

Best UK Casinos

The less rollover, the better the bonus!

Rollover is the number of times you have to make a wager before you take any winnings home. The higher the rollover, the harder it is for a player to accomplish the requirements and thus forfeit a bonus. Therefore, individuals should always select bonuses with the lowest rollover requirements as possible.
For instance, a casino offering a 100% casino match bonus with a maximum of £100 and a rollover of 20x wagering requirements. If you deposit £25 to your casino account, you receive £25 extra, resulting in £50 in your casino account. To calculate the wagering requirement, you take the combined amount of your deposit and bonus, which is £50 and multiply with the wagering requirements (20x). Therefore, you need to wager £1000 if you claim the bonus.
Also, look out for the bonus term or expiry duration to avoid going over the indicated period. The game contributions are also something you should consider when selecting a bonus. Other terms and conditions are available for every casino bonus. Ensure you fully understand them before proceeding.

Experience new games thanks to your bonus!

As soon as you received your welcome casino bonus you can spend your time on discovering a new favorite slot machine.
Nowadays you’ll find a huge number of online slots, and many of them offer you unique and experimental gaming experiences. So I’m sure you’ll be as surprised as I was regarding how the developers have truly exhausted the possibilities of creativity.

Most of the online casinos supply demo versions of their slots which means that you can try games for fun before making a run at real money.

Once you chose your new fave you can use your casino bonus and you can let fun take its course!

Always read terms and conditions

It may appear as you are wasting your time while reading the terms an conditions of a casino bonus, but honestly – you aren’t! The truth is I can strongly recommend it, because they can contain following, important information about the offer for you:

  • How often you have to convert the amount of money before payout possibility (sales conditions)
  • Time limitation to fulfill the sales conditions
  • Games included in the bonus
  • Percentage of a certain game regarding sales conditions
  • Wagering limits
  • Maximum winnings while playing with casino bonus money

A bonus may include some or all of the above restrictions. It is more than possible that at least sales conditions and a time limit for completing the wager do exist. Factors such as wager and winning limits are rare, as bonuses with these conditions are less attractive for players.

I really hope you will agree with my opinion and realize the value of reading the terms and conditions. If you do not, you may play a game with your bonus money that does not meet the wagering requirements.

Don’t hesitate: It can take a long time to recover from a disappointment, but only takes a very short moment to make out the most important facts concerning an offer.


Have a look at my list and claim your bonus today!

Casino bonuses vary exponentially. The key is knowing which of the casino bonuses to accept or claim. From the extensive list, including welcome bonuses, match gifts to referral, and moneyback bonuses, there is a variety to select from any casino. Therefore, there is always a bonus for new players and regular players to choose and claim during their online gambling activities.
Free casino bonuses always have a catch in the terms and conditions. Many variations come with the percentage of the bonus and the rollover requirements attached. Therefore, it is essential to understand the fine print attached to any bonus you find in the casino. It will simplify your gaming experience by making it much more fun and entertaining.
Do not forget to have a look at Bernie’s casino for the best casino bonuses available on the market for you!

Frequently asked questions about casino bonuses

💰What are casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses are many different additional and extra offers that the casino gives it to its players regardless of whether they are new or regular. The extra benefits provide players with a chance to try different games at different times of the day. The bonuses vary in benefits delivered and conditions for play according to them. Therefore, select wisely which bonuses to claim.

🎰Are casino bonuses scams?

No! Casino bonuses are not any form of scams by the casino. However, one has to exercise caution with the wagering or rollover requirements. If the number of times is too high, it means you have to wager a lot of money before accomplishing or adhering to the conditions. Do not go for rollover requirements of over 40x.

🤑What are no deposit bonuses?

No deposit bonuses are where the casino gives you a percentage bonus without the need to deposit to the casino account. No deposit bonus alleviates the burden of the minimum limit in the amount for which you receive a bonus in a casino. It allows trying out different games by wagering in accordance with the wagering requirements of the no deposit bonus.

♻️What are wagering requirements?

The wagering requirement is a condition indicating the amount you need to wager concerning the amount you deposit in your account. The wagering requirements come in the form of the number of times to wager anything. The indication is x in the casino terms and conditions for different bonuses. Many casinos will indicate 100x or 40x depending on their operations. These indicate the wagering requirement for that specific bonus.

💸Why do online casinos have wagering requirements on their bonuses?

Wagering requirements hold you accountable to the terms and conditions, ensuring you fulfill them before attempting to make any form of withdrawals. Low wagering requirements indicate a suitable bonus to claim, but if they are too high, eliminate the need for that bonus. Besides, they also ensure that you become disciplined in your desire to get your winnings through the gift while preventing any form of breach.

🎲 Does all casino bonuses require a promo code?

No! Not all bonuses require or have a promo code. Promo codes come in a group or network of casinos under similar operators or umbrella. Regardless of the casino you are playing at; you can use the promo code so long as they are members of the network casinos. Besides, the promo code offers distinct variations of different casino bonuses at hand.

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