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No deposit bonus 2020 – Find the best no deposit casino offers in UK

Finding the best no deposit bonus casino in the UK can be a daunting task, considering the numerous available options in the market. There are various aspects to review before signing up for a casino, and while a free bonus is one of the motivations, it is essential to consider everything. This includes security, bonus limits, bonus utility policies, winning rate, slot and game variety and casino reputation, among others.

If you are new to my no deposit bonus casino page, my name is Bernie and I would like to welcome you with a unique list. The list is also a review that describes various critical elements about no deposit casinos, how they work, the best offers and how to claim yours. You no longer need to search the web for information. Simply compare our list and pick your favourite.

Latest no deposit bonuses: Exclusive list in April 2020

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

With a no deposit bonus, you do not need to make any bank transfers, give up your card details or deposit money to your casino account. Simply sign up, claim your bonus and wager it for real money. However, these bonuses have conditions or requirements, just like typical welcome bonuses.

£5 no deposit bonus

With a £5 no deposit bonus, you will receive £5 to spend on whatever you like in the world of casino. This is not an uncommon bonus because the amount is still in the lower end and therefore the casino will not risk much.

£10 no deposit bonus

A £10 no deposit bonus is a step up the ladder and will give you a bit more juice for the long casino-sessions. A bit rare to encounter but also not impossible to find this variation. Might have some harsher conditions compared to the £5 no deposit bonus.

£20 no deposit bonus

The £20 no deposit bonus is very rare and you will only find it at a select few casinos. Will likely have some strict terms and conditions, but hey, £20 no deposit bonus is still a lot of free fun!

Guide: Different types of no deposit bonus

There are several different types of no deposit bonuses available for today’s punters. From welcome sign up bonuses to free play and cashback, bonuses vary from one casino to another. Some only offer a few while the best combine various no deposit bonuses that may include cash and free spins.

The common bonuses include:

Sign up/Welcome bonus

The signup or welcome bonus is the most popular you will find in most casinos. If any casino offers a no deposit bonus, they probably have at least one for sign up.

They are sometimes referred to as welcome bonuses because they are the first bonus you receive upon signing up. Sign up bonuses are different for each casino, depending on their bonus utility policies. Some platforms award the promised bonus while others release it in bits. You may also be required to wager the first bonus to unlock another.

Bonus cash

Cash bonus is another popular casino welcome bonus  that no deposit bonus seekers can land. Upon signup, the platform awards predetermined bonus cash that you can use to wager on your favourite games. Most casino welcome packages include bonus cash. The difference is that you can receive a cash bonus as an existing or loyal user, while the no deposit welcome bonus is only for new players.

You cannot withdraw the no deposit bonus cash. However, any wins from the bonus can be withdrawn even if you have never deposited anything in your account. Many casinos also restrict games or slots you can play with the bonus cash. For instance, they may not allow jackpot entries or games below a given odd. The cash bonus will also appear separately from your deposits in your account balance.

Free spins

Free spins are another popular bonus that often comes inside the signup package. However, you can win free spins at any time during your time at the casino. You can claim no deposit free spins by getting coupon codes or qualifying for member bonus spins. Free spins are usually available for slot machines and other games that involve spinning a reel.

Most video slot games include in-game free spins, which are different from the bonuses offered outside the slot. Casinos often award free spins to dormant account holders to motivate them and also have free spin perks for loyal users. Free spins bonuses are the easiest to utilize and come with fewer requirements.

No wagering

No wagering free spins are becoming quite popular as they offer real value to the punter. Most free spins come with a wagering requirement that may include wagering several times before you can withdraw what you win from the free spin. This can be frustrating, especially if you did not understand the tiers from the start.

Free spins with no wagering requirement allow you to keep what you have won. You can still choose to wager the win in other slots and games as desired. However, there is no such requirement, so you can withdraw whatever and whenever you win. You aren’t necessarily required to deposit money to qualify for these bonuses, although no wagering is often part of a deposit bonus in many casinos.

No deposit bonus codes

Casino coupon codes can provide extra bankroll to wager on your favourite games and slots. Many seasoned punters usually have their eyes open for no deposit bonus codes and promotional coupons. With these codes, you can land free spins, bonus cash, entry to a jackpot, cashback, or other desirable perks.

No deposit bonus codes usually appear randomly and you do not require a deposit to qualify. Several sites offer promo codes for casinos and some even charge a small fee for premium codes. However, not all are reliable, so make sure you review your sources before spending money on a coupon. Casinos also periodically release free codes for different account levels.

Free play

Much like free spin, free play allows you to play your favourite casino game without wagering a bonus. casino bonus no deposit free plays can be one or several plays for a specific game or even a sports bet. Free plays are common among casinos that also offer sports betting. In virtually all cases, the casino specifies the games you can utilize your free play.

Free play has fewer requirements, as all you need to do is play your free game. However, the policy may require playing several other games before processing your withdrawal. If you want to keep or withdraw whatever you win with the free play, you should look specifically for no wagering free plays.

Cashback bonus

Cashback bonuses are a good way for casinos to console players for their losses. These bonuses are awarded for a specified period. The casino may offer something like 20% cashback every month on all losses. A cashback bonus can also be integrated into a single game or wagering ticket.

In this case, the casino offers to give back a given portion or the entire stake used to wager in the lost ticket. Cashback bonuses require you to wager on a game and receive cashback in case you lose, which technically means you need to make a deposit. However, they aren’t necessarily deposit bonuses, as a deposit doesn’t trigger the bonus.

Pro & Cons: The advantage of choosing a no deposit bonus

Any bonus is great as it gives you a chance to wager or play your favourite slot. However, some bonuses come with various requirements that make their utility hectic and impractical. A no deposit bonus allows you to wager and win real money without depositing your own. You can also qualify for several no deposit bonuses during your time at a casino. However, these bonuses are highly restricted. It is unreasonable to expect hefty profits without an initial bankroll. Here are the pros-cons of a no deposit bonus:



  • You get free cash to play real money slots and games
  • Bonuses such as cashback can offset some of your losses
  • Offers the best bonuses in the industry, especially during the grand opening
  • No need to transfer money before playing at the casino
  • You can withdraw money won from your bonus


  • No deposit bonuses are small to earn any significant profit
  • Some bonuses have numerous restrictions that render them unusable
  • The bonus can be a cover to hide poor services and platforms

Choosing a no deposit bonus: What to keep in mind

Finding trustworthy casinos requires a careful review of the platform, features and reputation. Even after that, your personal experiences will determine whether the site was worth joining. A free bonus no deposit casino allows you to sign up and begin playing for real money without making any bank transfers or deposits. This is essential when joining a new casino as you can interact with their features and decide whether you can trust them with your bankroll.

Some of the things to keep in mind when looking for free no deposit bonus codes and casinos include:

1: Expiry2: Bet sizes3: Free spins4: Wagering requirements5: Cap on winnings

All casino bonuses have an expiry date as they are mostly used for promotion to get more people to sign up or stay with the casino. Even sign up bonuses will expire if you do not claim them within the time limit provided. It is, therefore, crucial to check the expiry date of the bonus and code, so you can determine when to utilize it. The system automatically removes expired bonuses. It may also exclude you from the list of accounts considered when awarding bonuses. 

When you get a no deposit bonus, the casino will include different requirements for its utilization. In most cases, you are required to bet on a specific number of games or those with a given odd. The bigger the bet size, the lower your likelihood of winning. Games with a bigger odd are also the most difficult to predict. As such, it is essential to review the bonus requirement that deals with how many games you must bet on to qualify for withdrawal. 

Free spins are one of the typical no deposit bonus casinos offer their customers. You can qualify for free spins that also have additional spins integrated into them. Most free spins come with tying requirements that may include spinning the reels a few more times before you can win and withdraw the amount. However, there are no wagering free spins that allow you to withdraw or keep your win without need to wager. 

The wagering requirements determine whether you are allowed to withdraw the amount won from a bonus as soon as you earn it, or if there are other games, you must wager before the process is complete. Wagering requirements are prevalent in casinos as a measure to ensure the casino doesn't lose money on such promotions. Wagering on other games after wining with your initial bonus increases your likelihood of losing, so it is recommendable to look for bonuses with no wagering requirement. 

Casinos might introduce a cap on how much you can win with a no deposit bonus to ensure they do not lose a lot of money. This cap is different for each casino, although some do not have such limits. However, casinos that do not have a cap on winnings feature other requirements that might make it difficult to win hefty amounts. It is vital to check if there is a limit on winning and how much you can win with free spins and free plays.  

No casino bonus code?

I would like to underscore that you do not always need a bonus code to receive a bonus at the casino. Quite a few casinos do not work with bonus codes, yet gives you great bonuses. On the other hand, a bonus code can realize a special bonus or free spins for you and that is exactly what makes the bonus codes incredibly attractive.

It is also important to know that you can get great bonuses without codes! You can view casino codes ays a special extra that you can get with luck, but don’t necessarily need. Sometimes the casinos are so thrilled and you get such a bonus. This can differ from site to site.

Wagering a no deposit casino bonus

Wagering your no deposit casino bonus seems like an exciting moment as you can win real money without card or bank transfers. However, it is important to keep in mind that such bonuses come with a wagering requirement. Some casinos have no wagering free spins, but they are hard to come by. A casino may offer a £100 bonus with a 20X wagering requirement. This means you have to wager 20 times before you can withdraw the amount. If you win 19 times and lose the last one, you end up with nothing. This doesn’t seem so appealing, which is why you need to review the bonus requirements before signing up.

Cash No deposit bonuses

How to choose the best casino bonus promotion for you?

Several casino bonus promotions are ranging from welcome no deposit bonus to first deposit and re-deposit bonuses. Choosing casino bonus promotions shouldn’t be a problem if you already know the opportunity available in the offer. Some casino bonuses provide the best winning opportunities with fewer requirements.

A few examples include:

Deposit/match bonus

A deposit bonus is awarded once you make your first deposit on the platform. You can also qualify for re-deposit bonuses at any time following signup. The deposit bonus is sometimes referred to as a match bonus. However, not all deposit bonuses qualify as a match bonus. The former can be any amount decided by the casino, while the latter is the exact match of the amount you deposit.

If you deposit £100, the casino matches it by providing another £100 bonus, so you will have a total of £200. On the other hand, if the casino offers a 50% deposit bonus, depositing £100 will earn you a bonus of £50, so you will end up with £150.

Free spins

Free spins are other desirable casino bonuses you can use to enjoy your favourite slots and win real money. Unlike cash bonuses, free spins often have a simper utility. You can qualify for free spins upon signup, after the first deposit or at any time.

In-game free spins are also accessible and you can be eligible for anything from 1 to 500 free spins. Using free spins is as simple as pressing the start button on the video slot. Nonetheless, you should watch for wagering requirements or look for options without such conditions.

Deposit/match bonuses + free spins

Some casinos offer both deposit/match bonuses and free spins in the same package. However, there is always a cap on the maximum amount of deposit the casino will match. In most cases, the more money you deposit, the more free spins you qualify for, although this isn’t a given.

Bonus packages vary depending on the casino’s policies. As such, you should review the bonus before signing up to determine if it suits your unique needs.

Claim your no deposit bonus: Step by step

Each casino has a unique process for claiming bonuses. However, they tend to follow the same basic structure. Below are the steps involved in claiming a typical no deposit bonus:
Estimated time needed: 00:04 Tools needed: Supply needed: Time
Claim your no deposit bonus

Browse through or list of latest no deposit bonus

The first step to claiming your no deposit bonus is finding a reputable casino. Browse through our pre-reviewed list of top no deposit bonus casinos and pick a favourite. Step 1
Claim your no deposit bonus

Click "register" or "sign up"

Once you choose a casino, click on register or sign up to join the platform. This allows you to complete creating a unique account from which you can manage your bankroll and enjoy your favourite games. Step 2
Claim your no deposit bonus

Find the bonus tab

Upon sign up, you should be able to access a bonus tab that allows you to view and manage your bonuses. You can go to your account setting, bankroll balance section or contact the casino for help Step 3

Claim your bonus

Some casinos add the bonus automatically, while others require you to claim the bonus manually. Make sure you follow the platform's instructions until the bonus reflects in your account. Step 4

Remember: Always read terms & conditions of no deposit bonuses carefully

There is no single casino that offers the best no deposit bonuses for every punter. It is upon you to compare different deals and choose those that suit your needs. More importantly, ensure you choose reputable platforms that reflect augmented security, user-friendly navigation, efficient transaction processing and customer support, among others. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions of a no deposit bonus. This will help you to avoid lousy deals with so many requirements that render the bonus unprofitable.

FAQ: No deposit bonus and frequently asked questions

Can I withdraw wins from a no deposit bonus?

This is a common superfaq that most newbies ask about no deposit bonuses. Depending on the bonus requirements, you can withdraw wins or wager several more times before you can withdraw the money. 

How much bonus can I get?

There is no specific amount of no deposit bonus a user can get. The casino may offer fixed bonus cash, deposit match-up, or free spins.  

Who can get a no deposit bonus?

Anyone can get a free no deposit bonus as there are various types of bonuses. However, no deposit bonuses are limited to slot machines and you might not be able to use them in other casino games. It is, therefore, important to check the requirements and determine if the bonus is available for your favourite slots and games. 

What is a no deposit casino?

A no deposit casino merely refers to any casino that allows you to play your favourite games and slots without making a card or bank transfer. As the name suggests, you aren't required to deposit any money to play. However, the name may also refer to non-profit casinos that do not allow real money deposits. 

How to get a no deposit bonus?

Finding no deposit bonuses should be an effortless task, as most casinos have this offer. Simply browse through Bernie's list for the top no deposit bonus casinos and sign up or register for an account. Many casinos offer no deposit bonuses as part of their signup package. You can also lookup casino forums and promo code sites for a chance to win a no deposit bonus. 

What are no deposit bonus codes?

No deposit bonus codes are coupons or promotional codes you can use to top up your bankroll or enjoy free spins and cashback without depositing anything in your casino account. Casinos usually offer free bonus codes to loyal users, although you can also find promo codes from third party websites. This includes sites that list the most recent free spins and casino bonuses. 

Are no deposit bonus deals really free?

Yes. No deposit bonus deals are free, although this isn't true for all casinos. It is crucial to play in reputable casinos that offer genuine bonuses with reasonable requirements. You can get a bonus, wager and win real money. However, there are several ties, primarily designed to make winning a tough feat to achieve. 

Can I cash out the bonus after activating?

Casino bonuses are mainly designed to attract and retain loyal customers. However, they are also structures to avoid abuse by users. It is impossible to cash out a bonus unless it is added to your winning. In most casinos, you are required to wager the bonus, which gives you the chance to win more money.  

Do you keep what you win?

When you win real money from your bonus wagers, you can decide to keep or withdraw the amount. However, this depends on whether there are wagering requirements on the bonus. Free spins often come with wagering requirements that increase the risk of losing. If you are successful in all the plays in the requirement, you can keep what you win. 

What is the best no deposit casino in UK?

Virtually all casinos offer various bonuses, including no deposit bonuses. No single no deposit bonus UK casino has the best offer for everyone. AS such, it is recommendable to compare existing offers and narrow your search to those that best meet your needs and standards. You can check out some of the best UK casinos with amazing no deposit bonuses here.  


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