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Casinos without license in 2021

Players can enjoy plenty of benefits, and there are a number of additional features which are not available with regulated operators. These may include specific slots of casino games which are not currently listed on other sites, a greater range of payment options, and the chance to scoop a substantial bonus. Although not every player will be keen to join a no license casino, there are numerous advantages to signing up.

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What is a casino without license

Whenever a new online casino is launched, they must apply for a license. This allows them to offer gambling services to players in permitted regions. There are  number of organisations who regulate these online operators and ensure that they are offering a fair and legitimate service to their users. They must adhere to a number of guidelines in order to retain their license.

However, many online casino companies are often reluctant to take out a license as the set-up costs can be expensive, and the process may also be time-consuming. With high standards having to be adhered to, and regular checks taking place. Many operators choose to go it alone, and simply ply their trade without a license. Other will choose to take out an offshore license as these are often less restrictive. For example, a Maltese license or a Curacao license tend to be less strict with their procedures, and having one of these still allows players from abroad to sign up.

Before signing up to a service, players can check at the bottom of the home page whether the casino is regulated by a governing body.

casino sin licencia

Alternatives to no license casinos

Although unregulated casinos continue to keep their customers satisfied without the relevant checks and security processes in place, there are many online operators who do choose to take out a license, and are therefore regulated by a governing body. There are numerous types of license which are currently available:

Curacao License

Curacao was one of the first places to offer online gambling licenses and has been regulated a number of top online operators since the mid-90s. It is fast, simple and cost-effective to obtain a license from Curacao and that’s the reason why a large number of offshore operators choose to go down this route. There is very little VAT required and it is the preferred option for the majority of small start-ups.

MGA (Malta Gaming Authority)

The MGA is Malta’s main governing body for online gaming and they allow operators to undergo safe practice in both Malta and further afield. It was the first country to regular online gambling, and therefore is viewed as a trusted source. Their regulations are stricter than Curacao, although despite this, it remains incredibly popular with a number of big names choosing to obtain a license from this authority.

Isle of Man and Gibraltar

The Isle of Man was one of the first places to draw up specific legislation for the online market. They put player protection at the heart of their operation and have far stricter protocols in place than the MGA or Curacao.

UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) have been operating since 2005, and have become one of the strictest regulatory bodies in Europe. They have incredibly high standards, and it is often expensive to sign up for a license, hence why many new operators simply can’t afford to join.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission are one of the most established licensees on the market, and with their attractive 0% tax rates, many online operators have chosen to sign-up. Based in southern Quebec, they have over 250 online sites currently on their books and remain one of the best places to get an offshore gambling license.

Playing on casinos without license

The majority of online casino players will opt for a fully licensed operator or stick with a fairly trusted name, however, there are plenty of reasons to sign-up for an unlicensed casino.

These no license casinos give players an increased amount of freedom with users being able to sign-up quickly and without any additional checks. Players who simply want to get started will enjoy the speed and ease at which they can become a fully-fledged member. There is also an air of anonymity about the entire process as well, with very few personal details being exchanged between the two parties.

Whilst some players are often concerned about the safety aspect of signing up for a no license casino, the fact that the bonuses are often far more substantial does prove too much for some players to resist. Without tight regulations dictating what they can offer, the majority of these operators are able to reel players in with a generous welcome bonus.



  • Higher bonus and welcome offers
  • Speedy sign up process
  • Greater range of slots and casino games
  • More payment methods listed


  • Deposits are not protected
  • Some currencies will be unavailable with offshore operators
  • No protection for problem gamblers

Popular bonus offers from casinos without license

Player who sign up for a no license casino will often be drawn in by the generous welcome bonus. That is perfectly understandable, and there are a number of different packages and offers which are currently available to new users. Many of these online sites will also offer the chance for players to choose from two or three options (depending on player preferences)

Welcome bonus

The most common way of rewarding new players for signing up is by offering them a hearty welcome bonus. This is usually in the form of a %. Most no license casinos will offer new users 100% or 200% of their initial deposit. So if you begin with £50, you’ll be rewarded with a further £50. These bonuses will only be credited once the first deposit has been fully processed.

Free spins bonus

Free spins are a great way to get started, and many no license casinos will offer players the chance to spin the reels of a particular slot for free. The amount of free spins will be specified by the online casino, and although there is no guarantee of a return, it is a great chance to try out some of the most popular titles using house money.

For example:

Players may be offered 50 free spins. After the 50 free spins have been used, users will get to keep any of the winnings amassed, and any future spins will now be taken out of the existing account balance.

Free spins are a fantastic way to get acquainted with the top video slots at a no license casino.

No deposit bonus

Whilst no deposit bonuses are more infrequent than free spins and welcome bonuses, some no license casinos do offer players the chance to use house money without making a deposit.

Players who sign up will have their account funded once the process is complete, and although some of these may come with a slightly higher wagering requirement, they are undoubtedly worth taking advantage of.

For example:

A £10 no deposit bonus will be credited to a players account within 24 hours once they’ve completed the sign-up process. These funds can be used on any video slot or table game, however, players cannot withdraw any winnings until they have wagered 10X the initial amount (£10)

Loyalty bonus

Loyalty bonuses are a terrific way to keep existing players coming back for more. Users who have signed up and previously taken advantage of the welcome offer may find that the no license casino has given them a number of free spins or the chance to claim £5 of free credit just for playing slots and table games on a regular basis. Details will often be received by email.

High Roller bonus

Some no license casinos will reward players who make regular deposits and those who spend large amounts of time playing both slots and table games. This is usually in the form of a % rebate on their next deposit, or can occasionally be in the form of free spins. Not all online casinos offer this service, so if you’re thinking of depositing large amounts of money into your account, it’s always best to make sure this incentive is available.

Taxes on casinos without license

If you are lucky enough to win on a casinos without a license, there will be a small catch. Taxes. Unfortunately, you have to pay taxes of your winnings and you must remember to declare them yourself.

Tax free winnings is one of the benefits on casinos with a license. The casinos will pay a tax in order to obtain a license which means you will not pay taxes of your winnings. On the other hands, it puts several restrictions on the casino and they might not have all types of payment providers, game providers or the same bonus types.

You will have to consider if paying taxes on winnings is worth the other benefits you might receive from a no license casino.

Payment and IP blocking

Although many no license casino players accept users from a variety of countries, gambling in this manner remains illegal in many regions. This means that players who are residing in a particular country or state will not be allowed to access these services.

IP Blocking is the most common way for these sites to prevent players from forbidden regions signing up for accounts. Everyone device which accesses the internet will have a unique IP address, and this allows the server to detect the user’s location.

Once the location has been found, the site will automatically block players from this region from accessing any of the slots or casino games. Players who are blocked will be required to find another operator which is willing and able to accept users in their region.
Some firms may also block payments due to restrictions on credit cards, or concerns about the source of funds. This is known as payment blocking.

What payments are available on unlicensed UK casinos?

There are a variety of payment methods which can be utilised by players at no license casinos. Like fully licensed operators, users can deposit using a variety of methods including e-wallets and debit cards.

However, no license casinos often offer a far greater variety of options including Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and Litecoin are just two of the methods which are generally accepted by no license casinos, and this gives users a chance to fund their account using either of these options.

In 2020, fully licensed operators in the UK were no longer allowed to accept credit card payments, however, that does not apply to offshore and no license casinos. This means that players can deposit using Maestro and Mastercard, although problems do still occasionally occur.

Payment in casinos without license

Using Visa/Mastercard can be difficult on casinos without license

The UK banned credit card gambling in April 2020, and this has changed the way many online casinos licensed by the UKGC can operate. However, this is not necessarily the case for no license casinos.

At this moment in time, many offshore operators do still accept credit cards, although some banks may prevent the transaction from taking place. Problems have been reported, although it does vary from bank to bank. Many no license casinos will accept credit card payment, however problems processing them have become increasingly common over the last few months.

Guide: How to play on casinos without license

Playing using casinos without license are very similar to using a fully regulated alternative. The process is largely the same, although the sign-up is often quicker. The differences are subtle, and the process of signing-up, depositing and sampling the terrific range of slots of almost identical.
Estimated time needed: 00:05 Tools needed: Laptop/PC/Tablet/MobileOnline Casino Account Supply needed: Strong Internet ConnectionTimePatienceDisposable Income
Pay by Phone - step 1
Take Your Pick Pick a no license casino from our list of top operators and click through to their site. Choose a site which offers a generous welcome bonus and a wide variety of slots. Step 1
sign up bernie
Sign Up Locate the sign-up bottom on the home page and submit your personal details. With no license casinos, very little information is required, so this process should take less than two minutes. Step 2
Make Deposits
Make a Deposit Using the banking section of the site, you can make your first deposit. No license casinos often have a wider variety of methods with cryptocurrency often amongst the options. There are no further checks at this stage, and although your deposit will not be protected, players can fund their account instantly and begin playing in a matter of minutes. Step 3
Claim your no deposit bonus
Claim Your Bonus Whilst some licensed operators can be a little stingy on the bonus front, no license casinos usually offer players a sizeable welcome offer. At this stage, it’s best to check what wagering requirements/or codes are required in order to maximise this act of generosity. Step 4
Let the Fun Begin Once the sign-up process and the initial deposit have been made. Players can begin sampling the various slots and live casino games that are currently offered by no licensed casinos. Step 5


With so much choice for online gamblers, it can often be an overwhelming choice when searching for a new online casino. Although many players will be drawn to fully licensed and regulated operators, no license casinos also have plenty to offer.

With bigger, juicier bonuses, and a quick and easy sign-up process, it’s easy to see why many players have decided to join one of the ever-increasing number of no license operators. Although deposits aren’t protected and problem gamblers won’t find much support, these sites do have a greater variety of slots and table games, and most importantly, they are extremely good fun.

With players able to sign up to multiple online casinos, there is absolutely no reason to swerve no license operators, and with plenty of choice out there, Bernie is here to guide you, and make sure you pick the right one!

Frequently asked questions about casinos without license

How can you tell if the casino has no license?

A casino will usually have information at the bottom of the home page or in an ‘about us’ section on their website. Here, you’ll find all of the details regarding licensing and regulation. If there’s no mention of these, then it is almost certainly unlicensed.

Can you play on casinos without a license?

Yes, the majority of no license casinos will accept players from UK. If you are not able to access a particular casino, the site will flag this up when you first try to access the casino.

Is it legal to play on casinos without license?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to play at casinos without a license. In fact, many players prefer to sign up to no license casinos due to the sizeable bonuses and speedy sign-up process.

Is it safe to play on casinos without a license?

It is perfectly safe to join a no license casino, although it does come with a few risks. The advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages however.

Do I need to pay taxes of my winnings when I play on casinos without license?

In most countries including the UK, players do not need to pay any tax on casino winnings. This applies at both licensed and no license casinos.

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