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Online casinos are fun to play on – if you understand a lot about them. Several individuals who come to this site often have some excellent questions about casinos, which I will answer in this section.

This FAQ section will contain answers to many of the common questions I believe you need to be answered. I am also available to provide more assistance in case your questions aren’t on the list. You can send a message to [email protected] and get quick responses to your queries.

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Frequently asked questions about online casinos

I have login issues on the casino?

Log-in issues are specific to a casino operator. Since CasinoBernie isn’t a casino operator, there are no login issues on the site. You don’t need to register or sign in to find the best deals or casinos to play on when you visit CasinoBernie.

However, issues logging in to an online casino website may occur due to a wrong username or password. A technical issue from the casino operator is another common reason for this problem. Here are some suggestions to get you out of this bind:

  • Open the casino on which you have the login issue.
  • Get to the help page or customer support of the casino.
  • Make a complaint to the customer support team. A casino has this team in place to deal with issues such as login problems.
  • A log-in isn’t necessary on CasinoBernie. We don’t run a casino platform, so the login issue isn’t something we can resolve. The casino will know the best way to get you back into their platform.

I have bonus issues on the casino

Providing excellent casino deals and bonuses to players is what we do at CasinoBernie. It would help if you recalled that Bernie isn’t a casino operator.

Although various casinos offer mouth-watering bonuses, issues with these bonuses may come up. Simple reasons why these happen include:

  • An inactive bonus. Players can visit the account tab of their casino profile to determine if the option to activate a bonus is available.
  • For free spin bonuses, casinos often allocate them for use on certain games. Get the necessary information on the game the free spins are available on and open the game to find the free spins.
  • Confirm if it is a deposit or no-deposit bonus. Deposit bonuses require players to make a minimum deposit for them to become active. Be sure you deposit on the casino.

A mistake or oversight may lead to bonus issues on online casinos. You can inform the casino support to get the help you need to solve the problem. CasinoBernie also recommends you follow these steps:

    • Open the casino on which you have an issue with the bonus.
    • Find the contact us page from which you can locate the help area or connect with the customer service.
    • Get help from customer support. This team will know how to handle your problem since they usually undergo training for such situations.
    • You cannot get a resolution of casino bonus issues from CasinoBernie. Since we’re not casino operators, we can’t solve the problem.
No sign of the game I want to play

Does it seem like a game you want to play doesn’t exist on a casino? Then you can take any of the following actions to solve this problem:

    • The customer support team can help you out. Write a message to the team through live chat or email to know if the game is available on their platform.
    • You can navigate the casino’s games page to find the game using the search bar.
    • A game that doesn’t show up in the search isn’t available on the casino. If the support team also confirms this, then you should try playing another game. You can also try another casino for the original game you want to play.

I have issues accessing the casino from mobile devices

There are specific tips to help you resolve issues with casinos functioning on a mobile phone or tablet. These include the following:

    • Finding the casino app. Confirm the availability of the casino app by visiting the App Store or Google Play store. Search for the app by typing the casino name in the search bar. These apps are usually free and allow you to connect to your desktop profiles with ease.
    • For casinos without an app, your mobile browser should do the trick. Online casinos optimize their website for mobile visitors so that you can go to the page through your mobile browser.
    • Going to another casino is your best option if a casino doesn’t offer a mobile-optimized website or mobile app.
    • CasinoBernie offers a list of excellent casinos to play on, so visit to find one that matches your preferences.

Where are the bonus conditions?

You don’t have to worry about bonus conditions not being present on the casino website since it is compulsory for them to make them available. The only issue is that the casino gets to choose where to place these terms and conditions.

Sometimes, you can find them on a separate page, while a few casinos will try to hide them at the end of the bonus page.

With so many terms and conditions, you must always pay attention to the most important, so you don’t get overwhelmed. The following are terms and conditions you must look out for:

    •  Maximum Bonus Amount: You should know the highest amount the casino offers players on any bonus offer on the platform.
    • Bonus Deadline: This is a time limit within which you must use a bonus or it becomes unavailable.
    • Usage Requirements: This is the playthrough or wagering requirement of a bonus. It is the number of times you need to wager a bonus to be able to withdraw it as real money. Wagering requirements vary depending on the casino, and finding a low wagering requirement is crucial. The faster you complete the wagering requirement, the better your chances of securing bonus wins.
    • Minimum deposit: This is the lowest amount you can deposit on a casino to activate your bonus.

Can you trust the casinos on CasinoBernie?

Yes, you can trust the casinos I recommend. This is because these casinos all have the appropriate licenses, and other players trust them. You can get more information on each casino through the reviews you find on CasinoBernie.

About CasinoBernie

The goal of establishing CasinoBernie was to create a place where players can find quality information regarding the casino industry. This includes information on safe websites, excellent bonuses, and tips to improve the cost-benefit ratio of players. You can become one of the thousands of visitors that use the information on this site and enjoy reviews in over seven languages. This is in line with the goal of CasinoBernie to become the best casino guide on the planet.


Operation of CasinoBernie

  • This site is a comparison site that you can use to determine what casinos outperform others and in what areas. It isn’t a casino operator, but information on bonuses, promotions, game selections, and more are available stress-free.
  • Affiliate links on the website help fund its operations. Therefore, playing on casinos through links on the platform makes a lot of difference to CasinoBernie, who loves to provide content for free.
  • CasinoBernie strives to remain transparent and honest in its operations. The information we provide is unbiased, and there is no external influence from online casinos despite the availability of affiliate links on the platform. The information you find here is everything you will need to make the right choice.

Why you should consider utilizing the CasinoBernie services?

If you need a quick summary of what you can find on the top online casinos, you should use CasinoBernie. The services you enjoy are free, and the reviews and guides are designed to be user-friendly and transparent.

Readers can assist the platform by visiting an online casino through links provided on CasinoBernie. These clicks help fund the operations of CasinoBernie and assist us in expanding the site, updating information, and renewing content.

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Getting help on CasinoBernie

For answers to other questions you may have, you can reach out to Bernie at support @

Can I play casino games on CasinoBernie?

You can only play online casino games on a casino platform. CasinoBernie is a comparison site that gathers information on online casinos. The information we get is available to readers through reviews and other guides.

What country regulates CasinoBernie's Operations?

CasinoBernie runs its operations under Danish law since it functions out of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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