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What could be more attractive in gambling than playing bingo games! Well, I’d say Bingo is the king. In the not so distant past, the invention of the internet has transformed the whole Bingo online experience to a whole new level.

With this age of internet globalization, you’re just required to go online, browse the bingo sites, maybe, download the bingo app on your device and Bingo! You don’t have to wait, search for the nearest casino and get to the action.

You might as well collect friends at the casino table.
On the other hand, you can download the bingo app from top bingo sites and play at your home convenience. Advancements in technology have come with smartphones and gadgets that will give a play-anywhere option as long as you got access to the global network.

Best Bingo Sites in the UK

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How Do You Play Bingo?

Many novice players are interested in the question: how do you play Bingo? Well, in this matter, Bernie is here to walk you through the how. If you’re already familiar with how to play, you can jump straight to my best bingo sites or sing up. For the novice, stand a better chance in the game with the help of these top tips from

With Bingo online, they’re randomly issued cards that you’ll have to purchase; the software will make this selection. In some instances, top bingo sites offer the switch bingo cards option if you’re not pleased with the ones issued. For every online bingo game, there’s a caller and a display board for the bingo numbers. You’ll find game patterns and the one you’d wish to fill in is displayed.

Most, if not all, online bingo sites will have automatically filled in for you and called Bingo for you. Nonetheless, there’s a manual daubing if you’d prefer so.
In every bingo site, there’s an option to choose whether you prefer manual or auto-select, with shapes and colors of your daubers. In exceptional cases, you’d find pre-purchase options, whereby you get to purchase cards that will play, whether logged on or off the site.

Now there are US standard and European rules that will determine the available bingo numbers. The possible ranges are between 75 to 90 bingo numbers, and there’s a “random number generator” representing each of the numbers. The caller makes the room announcement.

If the mentioned numbers appear in your card, then as a player, you mark it by the clicking on the located square, or if, in auto-daub mode, the manager will do it for you. Meanwhile, if you hit a bingo, then you as well mark in the pattern displayed on the page. So far, so good, but Bernie recommends a novice player to go for the auto-daub mode until you grasp the whole concept.

The new bingo sites have a minimized and maximized button to allow you to enjoy the best card forward feature. With this feature, you can use as many cards at a go and know the card which is closest to the pattern you’re trying.
That’s it for playing Bingo online!
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All you need to do is to pick the right reward for you. This applies to whether you’d wish to try free Bingo, or you’re sure of securing the perfect bingo bonus.

Bingo bonus comes in all kinds of great promotional deals and attractive options. To choose a bingo operator, go through the reviews and appreciate the integrity and reliability of the bonus provider. While at this, you are to be familiar with the terms and conditions of the promotional deals. There are wagering requirements that need to be specified, or you won’t be able to access the bonus. Be sure to know the specified number of times you can wager before withdrawing your winnings. Wagering requirements are there to keep players from abuse.

There are several bonuses; no deposit bingo bonus, deposits much bonus, free games, spin the wheel, reload bonus offers, and many others.


Although there isn’t much one can do to alter the randomness of the drawn numbers, but at least you can improve your winning chances. Here are some tips:

  • Buy more bingo cards
  • Play when are few players online
  • Interact with other players
  • Try the Granville strategy
  • Tippet bingo strategy

With such, you can increase your winning chances and get the prize.

Bingo Online Safety

Safety comes first, and what a better way to achieve that than when you play at regulated bingo casinos. Go for a licensed casino site with Bingo no deposit bonus, and thank me later.

Find Your Favorite Online Bingo Site Today

What are you still waiting for! Sign up today using Bernie’s list to find favorite bingo sites. The adventure is on!

How do you play bingo?

Bingo can be played online and offline. If you want to see the best online sites where you can play bingo, please check this site out.

What is the best online bingo site?

We have gathered the best bingo sites for you right here!

How many numbers are in bingo?

A typical Bingo game utilizes the numbers 1 through 75.

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