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Online slots: I’m a huge fan of them! That’s why I decided to create this page to educate you about everything you need to know regarding slot machines. There are no easier casino games than online slots because you don’t need to have much knowledge about this topic in advance – you can start right away! I’d still like to help your science, so here are some essentials you should keep in mind!

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There are thousands of slot games out there and their level of entertainment as well as their winning chances vary considerably. I want everyone to be as enthusiastic about online slots as I am. That’s why I took the time for making my very own Slot Hall of Fame with the best online slots of all time. Would you like to check it out? Click the link below!

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How to Beat Online Slots

Excuse me to be the one blurting out the painful truth, but every single casino game is programmed to make a profit for the casino in the long run, so it will be quiet hard for you to beat a slot. Long story short: it’s impossible!

In times when online slots were still mechanical, the bravest people actually found certain ways to bypass slot machine systems and crack jackpots, but with today’s secure technology, potential thieves have no chances anymore.

Todays’ slot machines work with small mathematical wonders called ”random number generators” which ensure a totally and utterly unpredictable payout, but not even the casinos themselves know the times a slot machine will spit out a jackpot!

As you might imagine, these random number generators make it practically impossible to crack slot machines. Never believe anyone who offers you help to crack online slots or other casino games – it’s more likely that these people are trying to grab your money by selling you a pointless book or computer program. So always beware of these people by using my website instead and acquire real knowledge.

X ways to Maximize Your Slot Odds!

Even though the odds of winning online slots will always be in the favor the casino, there are ways to maximize your winnings and get more for your money! So here’s my best advice on how to best play with online slots!

Although you should be aware that the odds are always on the side of the casino, but there are also ways to maximize your winnings and get more for your money! Curtain up for my best advice on how to optimally use online slots!

Search for Great Payout Percentages (Return To Player)

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In theory you only need ”payout percentages”, also known as Return To Player or RTP, to maximize your winning odds. RTP can be described as the opposite of the house advantage, which means that it reveals the percentage of your money the casino keeps on average.

Regarding online slots you can envisage a payout percentage between 95-97% which is generally a quite low value for casino games, but still much higher than to expect from games like keno, lotto or scratch cards.

You can find all information concerning Return To Player on a slot machine in the game menu. Casinos are required by law to provide you with this kind of information!

Read Professional Reviews about Online Slots

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I understand if you find it confusing to manage all these exciting, new games and casinos out there but there are just so many ways to play and have fun! That’s why I founded Casino Bernie: It will help players like you to choose the right decision and creates an easy and funny gambling.

Visit my website to read professional reviews about slot machines. You will get information about RTP, bonus features, fluctuations and other important issues you need to consider before investing your money in a slot.

Reading a professional review is a great way to find out whether slot machines fit you or not.

How to Budget

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If you crave for living a happy and successful life, the correct handling of money is very important in every situation of life – especially when it comes to gambling!

Perhaps you recognize this feeling: In the middle of a thrilling gaming sessions it’s really hard to get rid of it. Don’t worry as I will share my rule of thumb with you to which I humbly stand by. I set myself a fixed budget which I never exceed before gambling and I always soliloquize that I have that certain amount of money for taking a chance. As soon as I’ve spent everything I know I have to end gaming and take myself off to bed!

Earn Money via Smaller Winnings

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Unfortunately it’s not enough to keep a gaming budget as mentioned before. One way to boost your profits and level of enjoyment is to stop chasing the big jackpot during every game. There’s a psychological trick behind this:

If you earn and pay out smaller winnings instead of playing with them you will conceive the game as much more rewarding. Further more you will certainly maintain healthier funding. Always remember that the longer you play, the more likely you are to lose!

Online Slots Strategies

Slot machines are so random! I can guarantee there’s any strategie to bring you more winnings or higher payouts but considering strategies can still fill your gameplay with excitement!

Elk Entertainment is a slot developer who installed several preprogrammed strategies into its games so you don’t have to anything to use one – it works automatically. Just choose the one which pleases you, then push the button and the moneys rolling in!

Elk has not only developed these strategies according to its own preferences. They rather analyzed the habits of thousands of constant users and develops strategies which emulates their playing behaviour. That is why Elk Entertainment’s strategie settings consist of some of the most popular strategies for slot players ever. Another remarkable point: You don’t have to play Elk online slots to use them.

I’d like to introduce you to the four strategy programs which can be found in Elk’s slot machines:


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You have control over the percentage of your total game budget (between 1 and 6 percent). The formula of this strategie goes: 2-1-2-3-3-3-5-6. Then restart the order.


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Doubles your bet after five consecutive losses. If you win, you start over again.
Booster: The booster strategy increases your bet by one step after a loss until you reach four times your original bet. If you win, then you start over again.


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Jumper increases your wager for every win until you are four steps above the original bet. It resets after a loss.


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The booster strategy increases your bet on every win until you are four times your original bet. Reset this rhythm after a loss.

Personally, I enjoy varying my bets between rounds as two consecutive wins on the same bet seem very rare and unusual to me. Typically I play with a much lower bet for four or five rounds after a win; subsequently I make a few larger bets again. This allows me to compare my strategy to the afore-mentioned leveler strategy.

Of course it’s sometimes thrilling to place a really huge bet just for fun although I know the chances of success are slight. But imagine the rush if I succeed!

Online Slots and their Security

When I started playing online back then, I was pretty concerned about security, but a lot of online adventures and some winnings later, I realized that it can be very safe to play online at slot machines if you choose the right places for it.

Slot machines are subjects to many independent tests and rules before beeing available for players. You can be sure that all promised will be kept!

Contrary to what some people think, the online casino does not own but only provides the games. Mostly, independent game developers produce the online slots and then rent them out to various casino websites. The casinos have no access to the mechanics of a game and therefore cannot change the percentage of payouts or decide who wins or loses.

A slot machine will always be the same and have the same chances of winning no matter in which online casino play! You can be sure that as long as you choose a game from a trusted developer like Netent, Play n Go, IGT, Betsoft or Elk Studios, you’ll always enjoy the same thrilling gaming experience.

The Advantages of Online Slots

Some people get skeptical thoughts when it comes to playing online slots online rather than gambling in a physical casino. You wonder why? Well, they don’t think online slots can deliver the same excitement as a slot machine in a physical casino. I can only disagree with that and I surely will explain my reasons to you!

Of course you can get a real kick out of online slots on your computer or mobile device, but that’s not everything – there are several advantages rather than at your local casino or your trusted gaming hall which should make you try your luck online. So, to all you online slot skeptics out there, follow my five best reasons to play online slots online rather than in a physical casino:

1.Higher Payouts

Online slots usually have a higher payout rate online than in a gaming hall or casino. Most online casinos have odds of +96%, which is really generous, especially considering slot machines in smaller arcades or gaming rooms. Some online slots even exceed 98% odds!

2. The Comfort of Playing from Home

There’s no need to get up, because with online slots, you can play in your pyjamas for as long or as short a time as you want.

3. Test Games for Free

Often you have the opportunity to test online slots as demo versions where you don’t have to spend any money. That’s great because it gives you the chance to get a feel for a game before you put your money into it. In a “real” casino, you simply have to hope that the game of your choice will suit you right away!

4. No Additional Expenses

If you go to a real casino, there are always a few unpredictable additional services there: You have to pay for your car parking and then you have to pay the entrance fee. Above you have to bear in mind to tip the staff if you win a prize. In an online casino everything is for free, from the registration to the journey itself, drinks or the tipping. Besides credit card fees are minimal and there are no other additional expenses. From an economic point of view, online casinos are a much better deal than real casinos or gambling halls!

5. Better Game Selection

Computers are fantastic because they can store an almost unlimited amount of information. In a real casino there are only as many slot machines as there is space available, but in an online casino there are almost unlimited online slots. This means there are more games available and there are no queues in front of the good and popular slot machines!

Volatility of Games

The higher the Return To Player, the better your chances of winning. However, you cannot evaluate a game solely on the basis of its payout rate. The so-called volatility a game exhibits is just as important!

Volatility is a term describing the condition when a game interrupts the Return To Player phase. Overthink the following: If the game would spit out 97% of your wager every time, it would be a pretty monotonous game, wouldn’t it? I think so!

Since a game that only pays back its RTP with each bet would be completely uninteresting, all casino games break down their payouts into unequal shares.

Some games pay out many smaller amounts while others pay out few but large ones. On the one hand, the classic card game Blackjack is a good example of low volatility, as you simply double your money most of the time until you are lucky and have a Blackjack! On the other hand is NetEnt’s ”Divine Fortune” an example of a game with a high volatility as it won’t pay you out often but as soon as it does the huge jackpot would pay you your thousands of bets back.

Different to RTP, casino or slot machine operators don’t have to reveal anything about the volatility of their game their players, so they rarely do.

If you want to get an idea of how jumpy a slot is, you should always try the demo version first. Furthermore, it can be very helpful to read a professional experience report about the game. I’ll tell you more about this below.

The Biggest Slot Wins Ever

Even if it’s sounds unfair: some people simply have more luck than others. There’s a 25-year-old software developer from Los Angeles who became the luckiest slot player in history when he won a jackpot of 39,710,826.36 USD (about EUR 33.2 million) on a spin for 100 USD in 2003. Ask yourself how he must have felt afterwards. Probably pretty shocked, right?

He hits the huge jackpot at one of the infamous MegaBucks machines at the Excalibur Resort in Las Vegas. MegaBucks is a so-called progressive jackpot connected to a huge network of slots around the world, but I still wonder if the owners of the Excalibur weren’t a little worried when they had to hand over such a large amount of money to one of their customers!

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