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Casino Payments

Having trouble with your casino payments? Well, Bernie is here for you with a short article about payments and withdrawals about online casino games. Information captured in this article will give you solutions to the many setbacks involved in casino games online payments. Feel free to use all the information beneath, so you can feel safe and secure when doing money transactions online.

What is a Payment Provider

Most times, casino players are limited in their payment options. However, there are lots of payment options available you can always make good use of in slot games. Several reasons should prompt an online roulette player to bank on payment providers. To mention a few;

  • You get a complete record of your gambling withdrawals and deposits
  • You can fund your gambling form a separate fund or e-wallet
  • Can much be much easier for mobile casinos, more so if you not guaranteed of your Wi-Fi security.

How Do I Deposit at an Online Casino?

paypal payment casinobernie

To deposit at an online casino, here are conventional payment providers you can always bank on;


PayPal grants you the advantage of not paying any fee to make money transfers or create an account. Pro-tip, when using this option to make your deposits, players are advised to stick their country-based online casinos – saves you from currency conversion fees applied.


If you’ve been playing blackjack online, you probably familiar with this payment provider. Famously known for its unique VIP system collapsed into five levels; bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond.


Previously known as Moneybookers, but things have changed for the better after purchasing UKash. The four-level VIP system isn’t as intriguing, unlike that of Neteller, but it’s still a provider worth your while. It saves you from paying the deposit fees to become a VIP.


Most casino slots commonly use another one on the list and despite the fees involved. Nonetheless, players are expected to link their Entropay card to their debit or credit cards before use.

How do I withdraw my Prizes from an Online Casino?

As long as the coins won don’t ring in your wallet, these are just numbers on the monitor screen. For a player to withdraw, you’ll have to go through some process for verification to ascertain your identity. This is a grand rule across all online casino outlets to safeguard against fraud.
Nonetheless, Bernie recommends that you deal with the verification process immediately you create a game casino account. To realize this, you ought to have all your documents ready and forward them to the casino’s support e-mail system in time. You’ll need; credit/ID card scans or photos, proof of address.


This is the new trend and happens to be one of the fastest money transaction platforms. Take your time and research on how to set up a crypto wallet and make good use of the fast payouts via online casinos.

2.E-Wallet Payouts

With this, you can upload and withdraw funds with ease and not to mention they’re a fast-transacting option. There’s an option to choose between several currencies to transact. They’ll then issue you with a prepaid card to use. Of note, the processing takes a day or two at most.

3.Credit and Debit Cards

Of course, this doesn’t apply to the free casino games and free slot games, as there are no charges incurred. These card options can be; American Express Credit, Maestro, or VISA. Transactions can take up to five days.

4.Bank Transfers and Check Payments

You can use this to transfer your hard-earned casino prizes to the bank. However, they got numerous security for verification checks and therefore tended to take several days. If anything, bank transfers ought to be your last resort.
The prizes can be huge, and not all casinos are in a position to instantly reward their players. It’s for this reason that casinos have come up with limits for the amounts a player can request for withdrawal in terms of days, weeks, or months. Once you check in your casino outlet, remember to ask beforehand how much you can get from your jackpot win.

What Kind of Currency can I use when Playing Online Casino?

Interesting question you’d ask? There are payment methods with global recognition, and you’d find them in almost all online casinos worldwide, and this is due to their transparency in currency conversion. As an online casino player, you ought to choose the right casino once you settle for the currency

Single Currency Casino

These are casinos with one type of currency. For instance, the USA only accepts USD. However, you can choose to play with other currencies but with slim profits, once conversions are made.

Multiple Currency Casino

Bernie recommends this option. It’s a practice by most top online casinos

Digital Currency Casino

Cryptocurrency, the next big thing in online gambling. At least it will save you from the conversion fees.

Always Choose a Payment Provider You Trust

Trust and secure payment options, at least that’s my guiding principle here at I always look out for my client’s needs by ensuring all the payments and withdrawals are safe and secure.
Here are some essential features about Payment Providers

  1. Top banking options offering and secure and quick deposits
  2. Offer high-quality games
  3. Have a 24/7 customer service desk to respond to your needs
  4. Have a positive-track record
  5. Do independent audits to ensure fairness

That’s it! What you need to know about payment options as recommend by yours truly, Bernie. Go ahead and do your research before settling for online casino payment options. But always remember Bernie is here for you with safe and secure online casino payment options.
What more could you still wish to know about online casino payment methods?

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