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Paul Nwajei


Paul Nwajei

Paul is a content writer with an interest in computer programming languages. This is an interest he finds crucial in improving his problem-solving and creative reasoning skills. He currently works as an Information Technology and Services Professional.

During his free time, Paul also works as a ghostwriter. This is to minimize the attention he draws to himself while also expanding his knowledge on various topics outside the iGaming sector.

Paul has always been interested in online gaming, but for him nothing has been as fascinating as playing or writing about iGaming. From the popular slot titles, Poker, Bingo, and online casino reviews. There is always something new to learn and a new casino offering more excellent features that keep iGaming fresh and entertaining.

A hobby for Paul is going through various casino sites to examine and assess the quality of the website. This assessment involves checking the functionality, ease of use, responsible gaming features, bonuses, and game catalogue to determine the best sites to play on from time to time.

Among the numerous categories of online casino games, Paul especially loves playing slot games. These include the regular slots titles as well as Megaways - Games on which wins are not guaranteed by strategies but by random number generators. He sees this as an actual test of his luck since these games don't require any specialized skill and are great for both beginners and veteran online casino players.

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