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Welcome to CasinoBernie. On this website, you’ll find a straightforward and informative guide to casino online. Here’s my current selection of top online casinos in the UK. All these casinos are licensed, safe, and tested by me, Bernie! You’re looking at the best casino adventure you’ve been dying for, so take your time and browse further for more details!
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Where Can You Find Online Casinos?

Have you been looking for the best online casinos that accept players from the UK? Well, it’s been a long run searching for online casinos, but now Bernie is here for the rescue. I understand that the UK online gambling market is growing at an incredibly high rate and that you’d wish to enjoy world-class entertainment at casinos that are licensed, safe, and highly rated. At CasinoBernie, I’ll walk you through the best online casino brands available in the UK market today. You’ll feel right where you belong as I, Bernie, gets you the best options available.

Online Casinos, Top-15 Listed

How Do I Choose My Casinos?

Nowadays, players can choose from more than 500 online casinos. However, settling for the right casino from such vast options may not be a walk in the park.
Every online casino that you’ll find listed at has been carefully sampled. Based on my enormous experience in the gambling front, you can imagine what I have to offer. The casinos I’ve mentioned have so far met my exact standards of online casinos, besides being best rated.
I have ensured that my selections are appropriately licensed, have good game selections, excellent terms, and conditions, active customer service, appealing welcome bonuses, and offer tournaments and competitions.
Whoa, no so fast! Remember to thank Bernie later!

What to Look for in a Casino

Pro-tip, when looking for an online casino, it would be best to keep certain factors in mind:

Proper Licensing

Online casinos that accept players from the USA are usually licensed, in most cases, authorized and audited by governments that aren’t as protective as they’re expected to be. This phenomenon is apparently driven by the quasi-legal nature of the online casino business. However, you’d appreciate that, with Casinos in the UK, you’re in better hands. Go for a suitably licensed casino that provides more oversight and player protection.
Ideally, honest casinos with immediate payment policies more often than not provide players with information about the issued documents – information on the papers published, by whom, and when. Such is the honesty and transparency that you’ll only enjoy with licensed online gambling sites even it’s a new online casino.

Top Game Selections

You’re most likely going to settle for an online casino with your exact favorite game. Keep in mind your player preferences for they vary. Appeal to your interests, and keep your top game selections at heart. Well, if you’re a blackjack or roulette person, then it would undoubtedly warm your heart if a casino has a variety of several different variants of roulette or blackjack.

Favorable Terms and Conditions

Ensure the casino has working terms and conditions you’re okay with. These can be aspects of reliability, integrity, and maybe the online casino can allow you to speak in your native language. Be on the lookout for the withdrawal and deposit policies before choosing an online casino. Remember, not all online casinos come with favorable conditions; some might be in favor of the absolute minority.

Excellent Customer Service

Go for top online casino sites with an active customer service team. Of course, this is a point in the casino’s favor keeping in mind the house always. But who wouldn’t wish to be treated, right? You’ll appreciate top customer service even from the demeanor of their representatives in the forums.

Appealing Welcome Bonuses

The best attraction to online casinos is in the form of gifts. This goes a long way to reduce the player’s cost. Some players might abuse the bonus to reach levels of long-term profit. Well, if that’s the case, then find sense in the tangle of rewards and what they ask of you. Some top online casinos sites, besides the attractive welcome bonuses, offer VIP discounts. Finding a good deal to start with can mean you’re in the green before you even start playing.

Tournaments and Competitions

Check if the online casino offers tournaments and competitions, and if so, what’s their approach? Tournaments can be an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your skill and maybe finesse one or two players, get those coins. Who knows!
You can as well, ask some of these questions to be sure of what you’re signing up for. While at this, remember to check their payment policies and if they accept your preferred payment method.

Best Casino Bonuses

The online gambling front is known to have attractive bonuses, and Bernie brings them all to you. All online casino bonuses are free money; nonetheless, how’d you tell which casino bonus works best for you. Let me walk you through the various bonuses available on top 10 online casinos UK.

Slot Bonus

The best slot bonuses are a fit for both professional and amateurs who’d wish to discover more. Regardless of your gaming style, slot games bonuses are a great deal if, for some reason, you’d want to find new online casino games.

No Deposit Bonus

All the players love this one. No deposit bonus offers a great opportunity for players to discover the online casino, go ahead and play their hobby games and walk out with some free cash. You ought to first create an account before playing.

Welcome Bonus

The above is christened as the “Sign Up” bonus. With this, you get a bonus based on your deposit, and it may come as a package with rewards for your next deposit too.

Free Chips

A great choice if you ask me! And just like the name suggests, these are free rewards without any catch, unlike the other bonuses. Your chips reduce the moment you switch games and also when you check out the best payout online casino in the UK.
Of note; these bonuses have their terms and conditions that Bernie is here to keep you in the know.

Game Restrictions

Only play your bonuses on allowed games or else, your winnings and bonuses will be slashed from your account as per the set policies.


For maximum withdrawals, you got to take advantage of a bonus and clear the play-through requirements and cash out; anything beyond this is removed from your account on withdrawing.


Inquire from the active customer service if the available deals are cashable or not.

Best Free Spins

The sound of this is a turn on for the many that, at some point, have enjoyed the full benefits that come with this. While at this, keep in mind that the value of free spins is variable and that one must also pay attention to roll over and additional terms and conditions. You can find the best free spins at

Best Online Casino Games

Well, if you’re exploring online casino games for the first time, then Bernie’s got a pleasant surprise for you. In the market, you’d find thousands of casino games, but here are the best of all casino games:

Slots Online

More and more slots! Slot games are the kings of the casino front at the moment.

Online Craps

Well, if you’re a pure player, then it would be hard to convince you on this.

Online Roulette

This game has made quite a transition to the online casino platform.

Blackjack Online

The most popular card game at every online or live casino.

Baccarat Online

Well, if you’re a James Bond movie fan, you’re familiar with the art of Baccarat.

Pai Gow Poker

More like the Chinese domino game, but now an American version.

Video Poker

Who said you couldn’t press a finger and make your decisions, well, try video poker!

Best Casino Games Have a License

Stay legal while playing, or you might end up not cashing your prize. Go for trusted online casinos with a proper permit. Bernie is here to ensure you play on casino sites with an appropriate license which will provide more oversight and player protection.

Find Your Favorite Casino Today

And what more could you still be waiting for? Browse the internet and of course, using the information I just gave, get yourse,f the best online casino site. Good luck with that!

Best Online Casino guide and FAQs

How safe is it to play with real money online?

Very safe if you follow the guides I've given you and avoid playing at rogue sites. Bernie recommends you play only at licensed casinos.

How can I deposit money?

Online casinos offer a wide range of payment methods, ranging from credit cards to e-wallets. Check out for more information on this.

What currencies can I play in?

Best rated online casinos have options for US dollars, Euros, Canadian dollars, and UK pounds.

What is the minimum deposit?

Online casinos can allow deposits as low as $5 -$10 deposits.

What is the legal gambling age?

Underage gambling is prohibited at online casinos and most gambling sites. The legal age is 18 and above for one to be able to open an account and play.

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