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So, my name is Bernie, and this is my guide to UK online casinos. I’ve been gambling online for many years, and here I’ve gathered a list of safe, UK-licensed online casinos. It’s as good as it gets!

So, my name is Bernie, and this is my guide to UK casinos. I’m passionate about playing online casino, but it fed me up with scouting around for bonus offers and choosing the wrong casinos.

One day I got a great idea: What if someone created a webpage that had all the data you needed on the very best online casinos and compared them with each other? The idea couldn’t get out of my head!

Then I decided to speak to my girlfriend about it, and she thought I should go ahead. She’s amazing!

I began working on, here we are: A British casino guide with all the info you need on casinos and their games. How about that, huh?

I’m really happy with the website, and I hope you like it as much as I do.

Feel free to click around and use my casino list and my links. I update my site almost as regularly as I keep my garden! And my garden is spotless!

I made sure all the casinos listed here are 100% licensed and safe.
I’ve even written some reviews of these in the event that you want to know more about what they offer.

Oh well, I won’t hold you anymore.

Click around and have some fun!

Best regards,

Online Casino


Why I love online casino

My friends regularly ask me “Bernie, why is it you love online casinos so much?”.

When I started playing, I actually didn’t know the reasons, but I have been giving it lots of thought.

I think I have found all the reasons why I like playing online casino so much.


The reasons are:

take your pick

I think slots are great fun!

There are so many nice online slots today. I can always try an exciting new game to play and if I have a bad day it will always cheer me up.

I don’t win every time I play but that’s not all that matters. The games can still be so thrilling that I even forget to do the laundry and mow the lawn because I’m so amused playing online casino! Isn’t that crazy!?

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I sometimes win

It can be so amazing to play online casino because you may be lucky and win some prizes or a bit of money.

If I’m being totally honest, I also lose money while I play online casino and it can be very expensive if you don’t play responsibly (which I always do!).

But I just can’t stop thinking about conquering the big jackpots.

It may never happen but as I have always said: If you don’t play online casino at all, then you don’t give yourself the chance to win at all!

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I can play anywhere

Being an active guy like me doesn’t stop the online casino gaming. With my tablet or phone by my side, I can always play.

I can play while waiting for the laundry, I can play on the beach, I can even play when I’m waiting for the bus.

It gives me an amazing freedom and it feels lovely having all the fantastic games in your pocket all the time!

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I like playing live casino

You may think that the only thing that I love is tractors and farming. Well, think again!

I love taking my girlfriend out of town and being a gentleman at the local casino.

There is just one problem. The nearest town is so far away, so it's much simpler to join the new magical online casinos.

With this new invention, you can sit around the poker table from your home with live streaming directly from the physical casino. It’s almost like I’m there in real life!

My girlfriend and I sometimes put on our nicest clothes and take a night on a live casino. We have some amazing memories from that!

You really should try it, my friend!

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I love testing new casinos

When I started I couldn’t have imagined how many different online casinos there are.

Luckily, I still enjoy testing new casinos and deciding which of the casinos that are good enough to feature on my site.

If you want to see my list of chosen casinos you can find it if you just scroll up to the top of the page again!

It’s super easy!

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Join me on my adventures!
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