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It has come to my knowledge that you’re on the lookout for a good casino bonus – I reckon I could help you! Here are my top Canadian bonus offers. Have a look!

Top bonus offers

10 CAD + 10 Free Spins
500 CAD + 25 Free Spins
200 CAD + 0 Free Spins
500 CAD + 0 Free Spins

Is accepting a casino bonus worth it?

Not all bonus offers are worth your time, but there’s definitely also a possibility to do some good deals. Regardless of whether you’re talking about bonus money, free spins or cash backs, a casino bonus can be all it takes to make your way to the big wins!

Most online casinos offer bonuses in one form or another as a welcome to new customers. You can choose to take advantage of this, but you can also choose not to. Accepting a casino bonus it is not always the best option!

Contrary to popular believe, bonuses aren’t necessarily designed to increase your winning chances. Rather, their purpose is to allow you more time with the games.

Most frequently, a casino bonus will come with some kind of roll over demands, and you are best advised to look them over carefully before you accept. Reading the T&C’s could be what makes the difference between money in the bank and empty pockets!

Are casino bonus offers for real?


Bonus offers can be difficult to understand. There’s more than one example of casinos intentionally trying to mislead their customers into accepting a bad deal. I hate that kind of stuff, and that’s why I created my own casino portal so I could compare bonuses easily. The bonuses you find here at CasinoBernie are for real, and if you fulfill the roll over demands, you can rest assured that you will have your winnings paid out in full. However, if you think casino bonuses are just ‘free money’ you better think twice!

What’s in the T&Cs?

Reading T&C’s is boring, isn’t it? – Yeah well, but it’s a really good idea to do it – especially in connection to casino bonusses. The T&C’s of a casino bonus can contain important information:

  • How many times you have to roll over a bonus in order to be able to cash out
  • How many days you have to fulfill the roll over
  • Which games count in the roll over and which don’t
  • How many percentages a game counts in your roll over
  • Lofts for wagers made with bonus money
  • Loft to winnings from with bonus money

A casino bonus may be subject to all or some of the above terms and conditions. At the very least, there will be some kind of roll over demand, as well as an upper time limit to the offer. Conditions such as a loft to winnings or a loft to wagers are less common and bonuses that contain these kinds of demands are generally less attractive.

Well now, it only takes a moment to inform yourself about the terms and conditions of a bonus offer – but the disappointment from not doing so could last for a long time, so take your time!

Oh, there’s another thing: Some offers demand that you make use of casino bonus codes!


Bonus amounts, free spins and cash backs

A rose would smell as sweet even if it was called another name, wouldn’t it? – As a garden person I know that better than anyone!

Casino bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, but what they all got in common is that they allow you a certain amount of free plays. Some words that are good to know in connection to casino bonuses include:

  • A Match up bonus matches your deposit in bonus money
  • Free spins allow you a number of free plays on slot machines
  • A deposit bonus is a bonus given upon deposit
  • A no deposit bonus on the other hand is given without you making a deposit, either as a welcome or a thank you for playing
  • Registration bonus: A bonus given upon registration of your account

Obviously, the most interesting kinds of bonuses are the ones given without a deposit – who doesn’t like free stuff, right?

Things aren’t always as good as they look. Let me let you in on a little secret: The bonuses that look the most impressive, are often the one’s with the quirkiest list of terms and conditions. Therefore, don’t judge a bonus from its size alone – rather, asses how difficult it will be to cash in your winnings!

The less the roll over, the better the bonus!

If you’re like me, then you want a casino bonus to do more than just increase the amount of time you spend at the casino – you actually want to win. If that’s the case, then keep a lookout for the roll over: the less the roll over, the better the bonus!

Here you can see my rule of thumb as regards the number of roll over that’s acceptable:


Use your bonus to discover new games!

Once you’ve found your bonus, you’re ready to discover new games. There’s a truly insane amount of slot machines available today, each with special and exciting features. Slot machines have come a long way since three reels with fruit on ‘em!
Most online casinos allow you to try their games in a demo mode, so that you won’t have to wager real money from the beginning. Once you found a game you like, you are ready to put your bonus money at stake!

Use my top casino bonus list!


I hope you’ve learned a little more about casino bonuses and how you may benefit from them. Now it’s time to try your luck!

Scroll to the top to see my list of top casino bonus offers. Whether you’re in the mood for casino bonuses without deposit, free spins, cash backs, or something entirely else, I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for!

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