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CasinoBernie is here for you. In this article, yours truly, Bernie, will walk you through all the necessary information you might wish to know about online casinos. You’ll find the informative and latest news on top online casinos. All online casinos sampled on this website are licensed, safe, and tested by me, Bernie. Here’s what you’ve been missing out on this entire time. Browse further and thank me later!

Best Online Casinos in Canada: Our Recommendation

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Where Can You Find Online Casinos

It’s been a long search looking for the best online casinos that value you as a client and not to mention favorable terms and conditions. Look no further, Bernie has done the work for you, and now you’re left with no option but to enjoy my services. Looking at the current standings in the gambling front, you’d appreciate that online gambling is now a top booming business in Canada. With such huge markets, there ought to be black sheep masquerading as legal casino sites to con the naïve cohort of gamblers.
Well, with Bernie, you’re sure to get top treats at best rated online casinos that are licensed and safe. I’ve taken my time and of course, with my colossal experience in the market, to sample leading casino brands in Canada. Take your time and select your best fit online casino platform.

How Do I Choose My Casinos?

As I mentioned earlier, the new gambling market is huge, and that translates to several online casinos to spend your hobby. You’re looking at more than 1000 online casinos, and this will pose a challenge when a player is choosing one. Worry not!
All the online casinos you’ll find listed on this website have met the Bernie criteria. We both know that’s excellence and top-notch performance from the sampled online casinos. My focus is not only to the rating but also specific critical nuances of online gambling that with time, I’ve come to appreciate
The Bernie criteria are there to ensure that all the online casinos highlighted in this website are properly licensed, have good game selections, excellent terms and conditions, attractive welcome bonuses, active customer service, and offer tournaments and competitions. That’s what’s in store for you.

What to Look for in a Casino

You’re not just going for any online casino, are you? Well, it’s a question of what your preferences call for. Be that as it may, here’s what a professional casino player will be looking for in an online casino:

Proper Licensing

Talk of trust! There’s more to casinos than just spinning the table, and proper licensing is a factor that is often missed by many. But Bernie won’t let you go that direction. In standard situations, online casinos are expected to be licensed and monitored by the government. This is otherwise protective to the player.
Ideally, honest casinos with immediate payment policies more often than not provide players with information about the issued documents –information on the papers published, by whom, and when. Such is honesty and transparency that you’ll only enjoy with licensed casino sites, even it’s a new online casino.
Trusted online casinos display software information publicly on their website pages for interested parties to see. There are several notable software companies like Betsoft, with outstanding reputations in the field of gambling that only work with licensed companies. Therefore, having an idea of the software companies and how they operate can as well help you identify trusted casino sites. Such tricks have worked for me so far; you’re no different!

Top Game Selections

The client’s preference comes first, and that’s the undeniable fact. As a player, you’ll preferably opt for online casinos that favor your gambling and hobby options. For instance, if you’re a Baccarat fan, your top choice would be an online casino that has a selection of several different variants of Baccarat online.

Preferred Terms and Conditions

Bernie would recommend you first consider the terms and conditions before placing your bet. The deals might be attractive and welcoming but are the online casino reliable and full of integrity. Once you’ve secured a win, what are the withdrawal policies and the preferred currencies? Before you go ahead and pop champagne bottles in premature celebration, ship your tome off to the terms and conditions and be sure what to expect of your reward.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Appreciate the customer servicing of the online for that plays quite a considerable role. While at this, request to be guided through some of the vital components of the particular gaming platform. Poor customer service is noted even from the representatives in the forum.

Appealing Welcome Bonuses

And then, there’s there are rewards that you’d find even new online casinos using to attract players. The good thing with gifts, you get to save on spending. Once you’ve secured a bonus, the online casino will remove the set amount from your deposit. This leaves you with more money to stake. Be the cool player you’ve always been and don’t abuse such bonuses. Yea, there’s the long-term profit, but then again, it’s not a good show if you ask me. Look out for the VIP discounts on top of the bonuses, even though not offered by all online casinos.

Tournaments and Competitions

Tournaments and competitions can be a grand chance to shine on the other players. Show them what you made of them. Game is an excellent practice to help you sharpen your skills and better interaction with your opponents.

Best Casino Bonuses

By now, you’re already familiar with a few basics about online casinos. Here’s more you need to add on top of that. I’ve highlighted the various bonuses available online casino Canada.

Welcome Bonus

Once you sign up at the online casino site, the welcome bonus is there to usher you into the gamble. There’s a catch, the gift issued is dependent on your deposit.

Slot Bonus

The good thing with slots bonuses, they favor both sides of the coin –the skilled and beginners. With slot games, you get to excellent adventures and a chance to discover more online casino games.

Free Chips

Here you get free bonuses with no strings attached. I know you are probably thinking, nothing is for free, but honestly, who’d say no to that. However, the bonus chips reduce whenever you switch games and the best online payouts checkouts.

No Deposit Bonus

Among the many rewards, this is the top option for almost all gamblers. Get yourself an account. If you’re yet to find out more about online casinos, then this should be no deposit bonus ought to be your lucky bonuses. At least, you get to walk away with free cash this time around.
Whoa, not so fast! Some terms and conditions apply to these fantastic bonuses.
Wagering requirements! This is solely to prevent abuse of bonuses. There are best online casinos where, before you cash out your win, you’re expected to play a certain amount of money before claiming the bonus.
The bonus claim policies. In the event you’d wish for a maximum withdrawal, Bernie recommends that you first maximize the bonus, clear the play-through, and then cash out.
Ground rules! The given bonuses are to be used to the assigned games. There are grave consequences once you do the breach of this condition.

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Best Free Spins

Free spins! Are you a fan? Well, if you’re not, then it’s about time you revisit your gaming priorities. Free spins come with variable values and therefore be keen on the terms and conditions. Rollover with caution! With Bernie, you get the freest spins.

Best Online Casino Games

Here’s some adventure for you, now that you’re ready to showcase your mad skills. Check out games from best rated online casinos:

Online Roulette

Who’d say no to roulette, are you even a player if you’ve never tried out online roulette?

Pai Gow Poker

Originally Chinese but Americans have now adopted the same.

Video Poker

The ease of playing and decision making with minimal stretch to press the button you secure your win.

Blackjack Online

The famous card game offered even at live casino outlets. Show them what you got!

Baccarat Online

That’s a 007 mission you got right there. Featured in most top-rated action movies.

Slots Online

You’re looking at the say-it-all right there. That’s it, no more to say, let the kings rule.

Online Craps

Most purists don’t like this game. How about you find out why and reach out to me later with answers.

Best Casino Games Have a License

Trust and honesty are the best markers of an honest casino. Bernie recommends the top online casinos with a proper license to get you the best of both worlds. All the casino sites mentioned on are licensed, safe, and tested by me.

Find Your Favorite Casino Today

After feeding you with such rich information on online casinos, you only got one job left and that’s signing up on one of my mentioned top online casinos. Make haste and get you those free spins.

What age do you need to gamble online?

This depends on your country. But for Canada it’s 18yrs. Make sure you’re acting within the law

How do I register at a casino?

Just visit the casino sites and you’d wish to and open an account. There’s a registration option on the homepage.

Which online casinos are legitimate?

These are the ones with proper licensing. Stick to the ones I’ve mentioned above.

What is the minimum deposit?

Online casinos can allow for as low as $5-$10 deposits. Check out the casino sites and read on their deposit and withdrawal policies before signing up. While at this, be informed on their dealing currencies.

How can I legally gamble online?

There’s no federal law against online casino gambling. A simple wager placement is legal. However there are countries with restrictions to gamble on only local and not foreign casino sites. Be sure to confirm that!

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